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Sunday, March 9, 2003


Top Trainer
5/4 J O'Neill, 6/4 Martin Pipe, 6 P Nicholls, 10 N Henderson, 14 E O'Grady,
16 H Knight, 33 P Hobbs, 33 W Mullins
All 20 Races Must Take Place (Win Only, Singles Only)
Dead Heat Rules Apply

No. of Jonjo O'Neill Winners
7/1 0, 13/8 1, 9/4 2, 9/2 3, 6/1 4+
All 20 Races Must Take Place (Win Only, Singles Only)

No. of Martin Pipe Winners
4/5 0-1, 4 Exactly 2, 7/4 Over 2
All 20 Races Must Take Place (Win Only, Singles Only)

Irish Trained Winners at the Cheltenham Festival
0 winners 12/1, 1 winner 6/1, 2 winners 7/2, 3 winners 7/2, 4 winners 4/1,
5 winners 11/2, 6 winners 8/1, 7 winners 20/1, 8 winners 25/1, 9 winners or
more 40/1

11/8 Under 3, 7/2 Exactly 3, 11/10 Over 3
All Races At Festival Must Take Place

Top Trainer Groups - Which group will earn the most points over the 3 days?

7/4 Group A M. Pipe / H. Knight
8/11 Group B J. O'Neill / P. Hobbs
2 Group C P. Nicholls / N. Henderson

5pts Win, 3pts 2nd, 1pt 3rd
All in run or not. Dead Heat Rules Apply
All 20 races at festival must take place

Top Owner (Win + Place Prize Money)
15/8 Mr. J.P. McManus
5/2 Mr. J. Lewis
5/2 Mr. D. Johnson
4 Mrs. J. Magnier
All 20 Races Must Take Place (Win Only, Singles Only)

West is Best? ? Which group will train most winners at the festival?
5/6 Group A M Pipe / P Hobbs / P Nicholls
5/6 Group B J O'Neill / N Henderson / H Knight
Dead Heat Rules Apply

Good Things?
Rhinestone Cowboy (Champion Hurdle), Moscow Flyer (Q. Mother), Best Mate
(Gold Cup)
How many points will the above three horses get?
5/2 0-5 pts, 4/5 6-10 pts, 5/2 11-15pts
5pts Win, 3pts 2nd, 1pt 3rd
All Three Horses Must Start In Respected Races

Top Jockey at the Cheltenham Festival
6/4 T McCoy, 5/1 R Walsh, 6 M Fitzgerald, 6 N Williamson, 10 R Johnson, 10 L Cooper, 12 B Geraghty, 16 J Culloty, 20 T Murphy, 25 P Carberry, 40 Bar
Singles only, win only. Prices to Lift Trophy, All in Run or Not

Gerrad Wealth Management Supreme Novices' Hurdle (2:00pm)
2m 1/2f, Cheltenham, Tues 11th March 2003
2 Back In Front , 6 Thisthatandtother, 10 Well Chief, 10 Kicking King, 10 Joueur DìEstruval, 12 Puntal, 12 Inca Trail, 16 Chauvinist, 16 Tardar, 20 Rosaker, 20 Limerick Boy, 20 Mutakarrim, 25 Supreme Developer, 25 Arch Stanton, 25 Mise Rafturai, 33 Jaboune, 33 Jupiter De Bussy, 33 Khetaam, 40 Lirfox, 40 Prince Dimitri, 50 Keltic Bard, 50 Le Duc, 50 Tactful Remark, 50 North Point, 66 Tramantano, 66 Detonateur, 100 Bosham Mill, 100 Dangerously Good, 100 Nautical, 200 Dash Of Magic, 200 Prince Slayer (1/4 odds 1,2,3)

Irish Independent Arkle Chase
2m, Cheltenham, Tues 11th March 2003 (2:35pm)
6/4 Azertyuiop, 5 Farmer Jack, 6 Adamant Approach, 7 Impek, 8 Isio, 9 Le Roi Miguel, 10 Hand Inn Hand, 14 Vol Solitaire, 20 Stage Affair, 66 Ricardo (1/4 odds 1,2,3)

Smurfit Champion Hurdle
2m 1/2f, Cheltenham, Tues 11th March 2003 (3:15pm)
2 Rhinestone Cowboy, 3 Intersky Falcon, 6 Like A Butterfly, 6 Rooster Booster, 12 Flame Creek, 16 Hors La Loi, 16 Landing Light, 20 Marble Arch, 25 Copeland, 25 Santenay, 33 In Contrast, 33 Scottish Memories, 33 Westender, 40 Scolardy, 50 Bob What, 66 Holy Orders, 100 Iberus, 100 Self Defense (1/4 odds 1,2,3)

William Hill National Hunt Handicap Chase
3m1/2f, Cheltenham, Tues 11th March 2003 (4:00pm)
7 Joss Naylor, 8 Ad Hoc, 10 Montreal, 10 Youlneverwalkalone, 12 Harbour Pilot, 12 Youìre Agoodun, 16 First Gold, 16 Horus, 16 Southern Star, 20 Bounce Back, 20 Carbury Cross, 20 Foly Pleasant, 20 Foxchapel King, 20 Haut Cercy, 20 Risk Accessor, 20 Royal Auclair, 20 Satchmo, 25 Burlu, 25 Carryonharry, 25 Exit To Wave, 25 Historg, 25 Maximize, 25 Shamawan, 25 The Bunny Boiler, 33 Iznogoud, 33 Majed, 33 Royale De Vassy, 40 Bramblehill Duke, 40 Djeddah, 40 Go Ballistic, 40 Royal Predica, 50 Fatehalkhair, 200
Keltic Heritage (1/4 odds 1,2,3,4)

Fulke Walwyn Kim Muir
3m 1/2f, Cheltenham, Tues 11th March 2003 (4:40pm)
8 (from 10) Ibis Rochelais, 8 Putsometnby, 10 Back On Top, 10 Silver Steel, 10 Spinofski, 10 Moor Lane, 14 Jurancon II, 14 Timbera, 14 Burlu, 14 Rith Dubh, 16 Ceanannas Mor, 16 Fnan, 16 Kemalìs Council, 16 Lord Jack, 16 Montreal, 16 Royale De Vassy, 16 Samuel Wilderspin, 20 Mighty Kilcash, 20 Red Guard, 20 Risk Accessor, 20 Tonoco, 20 Katarino, 20 Rathbawn Prince, 20 Skippers Cleuch, 25 Be My Manager, 25 Falcon Du Coteau, 25 I Can Imagine, 25 Killultagh Thunder, 25 Lanmire Tower, 25 Mr Baxter Basics, 25 Satcoslam,
25 Tom Costalot, 25 Carryonharry, 25 Dorans Gold, 25 Fatehalkhair, 25 Ifni Du Luc, 33 Akarus, 33 Finians Ivy, 33 Full Minty, 33 Northern Sound, 33 Percy Parkeeper, 33 Pessimistic Dick, 33 Roberty Bob, 33 Whereareyounow, 33 Majed, 33 Montifault, 33 Royal Predica, 40 Keltic Heritage, 50 Homme De Fer, 50 Roller Blade, 50 Winchester, 66 Deep King, 66 Executive Office (1/4 odds 1,2,3,4)

Pertemps Final
3m 1/2f, Cheltenham, Tues 11th March 2003 (5:20pm)
4 Irisìs Gift, 5 Ravenswood, 8 Chopneyev, 10 Keepatem, 12 Rapid Deployment, 12 Farinel, 12 Inching Closer, 12 Rostropovich, 14 Creon, 14 Native Estates, 16 Best Grey, 16 Perkys Pride, 16 Royal Emperor, 20 Ballylusky, 20 No Discount, 25 Dubai Seven Stars, 25 Fairwood Heart, 25 Jacdor, 25 Proper Squire, 25 Springfield Scally, 25 The Culdee, 25 Guard Duty, 25 Kerrigand, 25 Mirjan, 33 Imperial De Thaix, 33 Rum Pointer, 33 Surprising, 33 Testify,
33 Tribal Venture, 33 Ballysicyos, 33 Carlovent, 33 Miss Fara, 33 Moss Harvey, 33 Tucacas, 40 Exstoto, 40 The Nomad, 50 Monger Lane, 66 Aquarius, 66 Majestic Bay (1/4 odds 1,2,3,4)

Royal & SunAlliance Novices' Hurdle
2m 5f, Cheltenham, 12th March 2003 (2pm)
3 Coolnagorna, 3 Pizarro, 6 Hardy Eustace, 8 Lord Sam, 12 Sh Boom, 12 Foreman, 12 Puntal, 16 Lirfox, 16 Nil Desperandum, 20 Supreme Developer, 20 Supreme Prince, 25 Saitensohn, 25 Chauvinist, 25 Double Honour, 33 Calling Brave, 33 Hi Cloy, 33 Mossy Green, 66 Little Sport, 66 Rosslea, 66 Mooreìs Law, 100 Native Sparkle, 100 Priests Bridge, 100 Texas Ranger, 100 The Nomad, 100 Bosham Mill, 100 Dangerously Good, 150 Limited Edition (1/4 odds 1,2,3)

Royal & SunAlliance Chase
3m 1/2f, Cheltenham, Wed 12th March 2003 (2:35pm)
13/8 Keen Leader, 11/4 Jair Du Cochet, 7/2 It Takes Time, 8 Le Coudray, 10 Tarxien, 11 Barrow Drive, 14 One Knight, 16 Irish Hussar, 25 Iris Royal, 25 Stars Out Tonight, 33 The Bajan Bandit, 33 Over The Storm, 40 Lucky Bay, 100 Sea Drifting (1/4 odds 1,2,3)

Queen Mother Champion Chase
2m, Cheltenham, Wed 12th March 2003 (3:15pm)
5/2 Moscow Flyer, 5 Cenkos, 6 Flagship Uberalles, 6 Kadarann, 6 Tiutchev, 8 Edredon Bleu, 8 Florida Pearl, 9 Native Upmanship, 14 Seebald, 20 Lady Cricket, 33 Geos, 33 Latalomne, 40 Dark N'sharp (1/4 odds 1,2,3)

Coral Cup Handicap Hurdle
2m 5f, Cheltenham, Wed 12th March 2003 (4:00pm)
3 (from 6) Korelo, 8 Emotional Moment, 10 Chopneyev, 10 Quazar, 10 Xenophon, 12 Ravenswood, 12 Spectrometer, 12 Yeomanìs Point, 16 Camden Tanner, 16 Campaign Trail, 16 Chauvinist, 16 Valerio, 20 Comex Flyer, 20 Farinel, 20 No Collusion, 20 Safari Paradise, 20 See You Sometime, 20 Tardar, 20 Tucacas, 25 Aimees Mark, 25 Bob What, 25 Chicuelo, 25 Creon, 25 Persian Waters, 33 Anatar, 33 Benbyas, 33 Bow Strada, 33 Double Honour, 33
Dream With Me, 33 Image De Marque II, 33 Majestic, 33 Miss Cool, 33 Miss Fara, 33 Mr Cool, 33 Perkys Pride, 33 Reviewer, 33 Samon, 33 Taming, 33 Under The Sand, 33 Upgrade, 40 Covent Garden, 40 Galant Moss, 40 Ideal Du Bois Beury, 40 Mercato, 40 Mirjan, 40 Mise Rafturai, 40 Moving On Up, 40 Murray River, 40 Native Sparkle, 40 Patrizio, 40 Rapid Deployment, 40 Thari, 50 Beaver Lodge, 50 Chicago Bulls, 50 Miss Tango, 50 Tango Royal, 66 Arabian Moon, 66 Dubai Seven Stars, 66 Samsaam, 100 Lady Laureate, 100 Wild Romance, 200 Mr Busby, 300 Blackchurch Mist (1/4 odds 1,2,3,4)

National Hunt Steeple Chase
4m, Cheltenham, 12th March 2003 (4:35pm)
9/4 Stormez, 8 Ask Henry, 10 Druidìs Glen, 10 Hedgehunter, 10 Lucky Bay, 14 Young Ottoman, 20 Canon Barney, 20 Majed, 20 Over The Storm, 20 Ballybrophy, 20 Dark Room, 25 Whereareyounow, 25 Shardam, 33 Lord Rapier, 33 Sea Drifting, 33 Sudden Shock, 33 Turn Two, 33 Clonmelìs Minella, 33 Dionn Righ, 33 Paxford Jack, 40 Full Minty, 40 High Cotton, 40 Russell House, 40 Borora King, 40 Moorlands Again, 40 Mystic Lord, 50 Even More, 50 Montemoss, 50 Verchoyles Lad, 50 Dunowen, 50 Lanmire Glen, 66 Dealer Del,
66 Mackinus, 100 Bonny Boy, 100 Christyìs Pride, 100 Kittenkat, 100 Pontius, 150 All But, 500 Princesse Grec (1/4 odds 1,2,3)

Mildmay of Flete Challenge Cup
2m 41/2f, Cheltenham, 12th March 2003 (5:10)
8 Shamawan, 10 Claymore, 10 Ballinclay King, 10 Go Roger Go, 10 Hermes Iii, 12 Europa, 12 Master Tern, 12 Poliantas, 12 Ross Moff, 12 Fondmort, 14 The Villager, 14 Horus, 14 Lady Cricket , 16 Scots Grey, 16 Cyfor Malta, 20 Risk Accessor, 20 Arctic Copper, 20 Armaturk, 20 Fadalko, 20 Royal Auclair, 20 Tresor De Mai, 25 Halexy, 25 Ifni Du Luc, 25 Mr Baxter Basics, 25 Blowing Wind, 25 Davids Lad, 25 Young Spartacus, 33 Cregg House, 33 Red Ark, 33 Royal Jake, 33 Tom Costalot, 33 Wave Rock, 40 Juralan, 40 LìEpicurien, 40 Satchmo, 40 Silence Reigns, 50 Amberleigh House, 50 Arctic Fancy, 50 Arlequin De Sou, 66 Back On Top, 66 Chergan, 100 Thari (1/4 odds 1,2,3,4)

Weatherbys Champion Bumper
2m 1/2f, Cheltenham, March 12th 2003 (5:45pm)
3 Liberman, 5 Cornish Rebel, 6 Back To Ben Alder, 8 Royal Alphabet, 10 Bourbon Manhattan, 14 Govamix, 16 Dizzyìs Dream, 16 Mcgruders Cross, 16 Zum See, 16 Davenport Democrat, 25 Mr Babbage, 25 Vodka Bleu, 25 Widemouth Bay, 33 Millerìs Bay, 33 Storm Boxer, 33 Be Fair, 33 Dempsey, 33 Kim Fontaine, 40 Patriarch Express, 40 Trabolgan, 40 Fairwood Present, 50 Watson Lake, 50 Bold Bishop, 50 Classic Native, 50 Crossbow Creek, 50 Heìs The Boss, 50 Kahuna, 66 Lady Faustus, 66 Move Yourself, 66 Rock Garden, 66 Triple Rum, 66 Ardyne Bridge, 150 Malaga Boy (1/4 odds 1,2,3)

JCB Triumph Hurdle
2m 1f, Cheltenham, Thurs 13th March 2003 (2:00pm)
7 Don Fernando, 7 Golden Cross, 7 Well Chief, 10 Red Wine, 12 Lilium De Cotte, 12 Moneytrain, 12 Saintsaire, 14 Mutineer, 16 Mughas, 16 Nas Na Riogh, 16 Old California, 20 Andy Gin, 20 East Tycoon, 20 Spectroscope, 25 Fortune Island, 25 Starzaan, 33 Desert Air, 33 Duke Of Earl, 33 Kenilworth, 33 Le Duc, 33 Lewis Island, 33 Mistanoora, 33 The Last Cast, 40 Dashing Home, 40 Fantastic Champion, 40 King Solomon, 40 Little Rort, 40 Newlands Gold, 40 Overstrand, 40 Tanikos, 50 Fortunate Dave, 50 Ken's Dream, 50 Tramantano, 50 Turbo, 66 Dancing Water, 66 Its Wallace Jnr, 66 Light Scent, 100 Correct And Right, 100 Extremist, 100 Silver Charmer, 150 Rust En Vrede, 200 Miss Koen, 200 Stila, 200 Touch Of Ebony (1/4 odds 1,2,3,4)

Bonusprint Stayers Hurdle
3m, Cheltenham, Thurs 13th March 2003 (2:35pm)
6/4 Baracouda, 5/2 Limestone Lad, 5 Classified, 10 Galileo, 12 Iris's Gift, 16 Deanos Beano, 16 Liss A Paoraigh, 16 Native Emperor, 20 Brother Joe, 40 Chopneyev, 40 Crazy Horse, 50 Palua, 50 Rostropovich, 50 The Bajan Bandit, 66 Sudden Shock, 66 Too Forward (1/4 odds 1,2,3)

Tote Cheltenham Gold Cup
3m 2f, Cheltenham, Thurs 13th March 2003 (3:15pm)
6/4 Best Mate, 4 Beef Of Salmon, 8 Hussard Collonges, 10 Commanche Court, 12 See More Business, 12 Valley Henry, 14 Behrajan, 16 Chives, 20 Colonel Braxton, 20 Marlborough, 33 Cyfor Malta, 33 Harbour Pilot, 33 It Takes Time, 33 Truckers Tavern, 40 First Gold, 66 Go Ballistic, 66 Royal Auclair, 200 Modulor (1/4 odds 1,2,3)

Dubai World Cup definitely on

Claims in recent days that the Dubai World Cup will be cancelled or postponed have been strongly refuted by the Committee of the event with a record number of international runners expected for the world’s richest racemeeting on March 29.

“The Dubai World Cup will go ahead, there is absolutely no doubt,” said Dubai World Cup Committee Chairman, Mr Les Benton.

“Recent reports are totally inaccurate and incorrect. All systems are go for March 29 and we are looking forward to staging the most successful Dubai World Cup to date.”

“We are anticipating record number of overseas runners and the highest number of American entries for the event.”

For full details and up to the minute news on the Dubai World Cup visit www.dubaiworldcup.com

Ipi Tombe and Inamorato prove the Super Saturday stars

A champion from South Africa and a rising star in the three-year-old ranks lit up Dubai’s inaugural Super Saturday at Nad Al Sheba last night. Ipi Tombi tightened her stranglehold on the US$2,000,000 Group I Dubai Duty Free with another dominant performance in the Group III Jebel Hatta while Inamorato announced himself the horse to beat in the US$2,000,000 Group II UAE Derby after dominating the Al Bastakiya.

The Godolphin stable would have been well pleased with their quartet of winners on Super Saturday, beginning with Imtiyaz in the Burj Nahaar then on to Inamorato in the Al Bastakiya, Highest in the Group III Dubai City Of Gold and Grandera in the Group Two third round of the Maktoum Challenge. However, it was the return of racing’s reigning world champion Grandera that may have left trainer Saeed bin Suroor with a few questions, whether to press ahead for the US$6,000,000 Group I Dubai World Cup or revert to the turf for the Dubai Duty Free. Godolphin already has ruling Dubai World Cup favourite Moon Ballad while a switch to the Dubai Duty Free would see Grandera take on Ipi Tombe, a contest that has all the hallmarks of greatness.

Inamorato ran up to all of the pre race hype when easily accounting for the UAE 2000 Guineas winner Victory Moon and heads into the UAE Derby a solid favourite. Highest, having his first run since being purchased by the stable, was very impressive with his win in the Dubai City Of Gold and will attempt to create history by becoming the first winner of that race to go on and win the Dubai Sheema Classic.

Race Seven Maktoum Challenge Round III
Racing’s reigning world champion returned with a success here but whether it was a Dubai World Cup winning performance remains to be seen. GRANDERA did everything that was asked of him and will no doubt improve from his half length defeat of GRUNDLEFOOT. He settled fifth of the seven runners before being asked to improve approaching the home turn and on the home corner had all of those inside him covered, these being BEAUCHAMP PILOT, GO UNDERGROUND and stablemates ESSENCE OF DUBAI and CALIFET. STATE SHINTO was behind him ready to make his challenge while GRUNDLEFOOT, who had settled last improved along the inside to be just behind them turning for home. GRANDERA broke clear shortly after straightening and STATE SHINTO was having trouble getting to him and he did appear as though he would go on and win easily however GRUNDLEFOOT came out off the fence to challenge. STATE SHINTO attempted to savage GRUNDLEFOOT at the 200m however GRUNDLEFOOT continued to quicken and managed to get within a half length. Godolphin last two Dubai World Cup winners STREET CRY and DUBAI MILLENNIUM both won this third round of the Maktoum Challenge however they won far easier than this. GRANDERA, however, has never been a horse to clear out and win his races by wide margins and he is a genuine Group I performer who cannot be ruled out of anything he contests.

Race Six Jebel Hatta
The stranglehold IPI TOMBE held on the Dubai Duty Free was firmly tightened with another dominating performance in this fourth renewal of the Jebel Hatta. Trainer Mike de Kock confirmed that IPI TOMBE would run in the Dubai Duty Free and not the Dubai World Cup. “The plan has been for the Dubai Duty Free and it is a little late to change our minds now,” de Kock said. “There was a time when we thought about the Dubai World Cup, I think she’ll act on dirt but the partners were a little hesitant and you can’t blame them.” “She handles the turf so well so why start experimenting now?” IPI TOMBE’s Jebel Hatta win showed she had improved further for her previous effort when winning the Al Fahidi Fort and there is no doubt she will come on further for this run. IPI TOMBE smashed the race record for the Jebel Hatta and her time of 1:48.62 is comparable to the last two runnings of the Dubai Duty Free. She sat fourth and travelled easily in the early and middle stages and went turning for home went back to the inside to secure a run. She got the run when needed and showed her brilliant acceleration to put the race beyond doubt at the 300m. SIGHTS ON GOLD was the best run behind her, coming from a long way back to finish second on his first run for Godolphin while ST EXPEDIT held on well for third, having his first run since being purchased by Rashid Bouresly. ROYAL TRYST ran his usual game race to be fourth ahead of TRADEMARK and HIGHDOWN. HIGHDOWN was the pick of the Godolphin trio and followed IPI TOMBE throughout the race but couldn’t match her acceleration and eventually finished sixth, just ahead of NAHEEF.

Race Five: Mahab Al Shimaal

Last season’s UAE Sprint champion CONROY turned around a disappointing season to win his second successive Mahab Al Shimaal, holding off last year’s Burj Nahaar winner CONFLICT. CONROY was the dominant sprinter during 2001/2002 before his ninth in the Dubai Golden Shaheen and this was his first win since his victory in this race last year. This season has been different with CONROY struggling to find form however he struck here, jumping straight to the front and leading throughout to dent CONFLICT. This was the slowest of the three runnings of the Mahab Al Shimaal however nothing can be taken away from CONROY who will no doubt attempt to go better than his performance in last year’s Dubai Golden Shaheen. The Jebel Ali Sprint winner STATE CITY was hard ridden from a fair way out in this and always appeared to be struggling. CONFLICT was running over 1,200m for the first time since arriving in the Emirates but showed his versatility by being in a position to challenge at the 200m and his effort to finish second was strong. PERSUASIVO FITZ ran right up to his previous good form over this course and distance to finish third however CRSYTAL CASTLE was the eye catching performance, his first run on dirt seeing him finish fourth with improvement guaranteed. For CONROY’s owner, Mohammed Al Jamali, it was a welcome change of luck after outlaying an enormous amount buying horses in the off season. “I have had the worse luck this year,” he said. “I have invested a lot of money on horses but until now have only had one previous winner this season.” “I hope my bad luck is gone.”

Race Four: Dubai City Of Gold
Godolphin’s new recruit HIGHEST provided them with their sixth successive Dubai City Of Gold and will no doubt now be their main contender for the Dubai Sheema Classic in three weeks time. Having his first run since his second to Bollin Eric in the St Leger at Doncaster, after which he was secured by Godolphin, HIGHEST was impressive here in holding off the Turkish champion GRAND EKINOKS to win by quarters of a length. Allowed to settle near the rear of the field, HIGHEST was suited by the solid tempo set by NARRATIVE, that horse trying to emulate his defeat of Grandera in the race last year, however despite holding a clear advantage shortly after straightening HIGHEST grabbed him quickly when he got clear. NARRATIVE’s run to hold on and finish fourth was very good and being only lightly raced may still be open to improvement. GRAND EKINOKS’ effort was very good, he raced greenly when he got out and should have finished closer, although HIGHEST was holding him comfortably on the line. NOWRASS produced a very good effort for third while FIGHT YOUR CORNER may be the big improver out of the race, having his first run since the Derby, he challenged briefly at the 400m before tiring to finish fifth. History is against HIGHEST winning the Dubai Sheema Classic, no winner of the Dubai City Of Gold has yet to go on and win the Dubai Sheema Classic Happy Valentine didn’t run, Sibling Rival finished 10th behind Fruits Of Love, High-Rise was third behind Fantastic Light, Give The Slip was fifth behind Stay Gold while Narrative was ninth behind Nayef last year.

Race Three: Al Bastakiya

There was a great deal of confidence prior to the Al Bastakiya which suggested that INAMORATO may well be one of the leading three-year-olds in the Godolphin Stable and he certainly proved that, beating the UAE 2000 Guineas winner VICTORY MOON by six lengths. To be fair VICTORY MOON was conceding INAMORATO six and a half kilograms however he was hard fit against INAMORATO having his first start since his Maiden victory on the turf at Hollywood Park in early July. There is no doubt that INAMORATO is a colt of high potential and the Kentucky Derby would be firmly in the minds of trainer Saeed bin Suroor, but first the UAE Derby. “He is a fabulous colt and has the potential to go on,” said Godolphin Racing Manager Simon Crisford. “He had been showing a lot at home and needs to improve a bit to win the UAE Derby however we are confident that he can.” “He certainly has an entry in the Triple Crown Series in Americas, it is a dream and lets hope he can progress.” “He is giving all the right signals that he can.” Crisford said the reason for INAMORATO’S light juvenile campaign was out down to a touch of shin soreness. “He had a tickly shin so we decided to give him time off, he has been given plenty of time to mature and hopefully the fruits of that wait will be seen in the coming months.” “We have had some very good three-year-olds run here in the Emirates and hopefully he will match up with the best of them.” ANOMRATO ran faster time than EXPECT did in winning the Al Bastakiya last year but slower than inaugural winner E DUBAI however this was the first time the Al Bastakiya had been run prior to the UAE Derby and may prove to be the strongest renewal so far. Confirmation of the dominance of the first two is shown by the third horse RAHAF being 12 lengths away.

Race Two: Burj Nahaar
A quality performance by IMTIYAZ who had this race in his control from a long way out. IMTIYAZ was having his first run since September but showed he would be the testing material in the Group II Godolphin Mile. Inaugural Burj Nahaar winner Conflict went on to finish fourth in the Godolphin Mile behind Grey Memo and it would be fair to say that IMTIYAZ was a far superior winner. Settling third behind the early leaders ABREEZE and EQUERRY, IMTIYAZ was asked for his effort at the top of the straight and went quickly to EQUERRY while MUGHARREB was making a run further out. IMTIYAZ however had broken clear and put the race beyond doubt. The event was denied a lot of interest at the start when PASSPORT PRIDE stumbled and almost dislodged his rider Sebastian Madrid. Madrid managed to get back in the saddle however the horse had missed the start at least 20 lengths. PASSPORT PRIDE was allowed to make up his own time and was still five lengths last turning for home however he showed his class when finishing fifth, just a length and a half behind the second horse MUGHARREB.

Race One: Maktoum Challenge Round III
SAKLAWI JADRANE consolidated his place as the leading contender for the Dubai Kahayla Classic with an extraordinary performance to secure the third round of the Maktoum Challenge and secure the Series as well. Successful in the second round over 2,400m on his first Emirates run, SAKLAWI JADRANE showed here that the 2,400m that he truly needs however it was his class that got him home here. Settling third and fourth on the inside before the early leaders JIYUSH and PARADOR, SAKLAWI JADRANE was under enormous pressure at the 800m as a number of horses went around him. PARADOR and BOPP MOON were the first to go to JIYUSH shortly after straightening while KHOUTOUBIA was travelling very well in behind. SAKLAWI JADRANE was still hard ridden after being outsprinted but when he got to the outside he showed his class and eventually won quite easily according to his jockey. NEZ D’OR, champion of the 2001/2002 season, ran his best race for this campaign in finishing fourth while opening round winner PARADOR, again showed he struggles with the 2,000m. “Maybe you will see us with two horses on Dubai World Cup night,” trainer Julian Smart said. “He did get left when they sprinted however when I got him to the outside and let him use his stride he went to them quickly and eventually won easily,” Murtagh said. Smart said that he didn’t think it was as easy as his jockey claimed it to be, saying he was had been worried when SAKLAWI JADRANE was hard ridden from the 800m. “I was extremely concerned because I was wondering what have I done wrong, how can a horse go backward that quickly in three weeks.”

Saturday, March 08, 2003
Weather: Fine. Dirt Track: Fast. Turf Track: Good

All races dirt unless stated.

Key: The figures beside the race conditions (ie 00-80) are for horses rated
in that division and these figures are in pounds. The UAE Dirham (Dhs) is
fixed at US$3.68.

Race One: Al Maktoum Challenge Rd III (Group I). 2,o00m.

Purebred Arabians. 5YOs & Upwards.

Prizemoney: Dhs200,000. 1st: Dhs100,000. 2nd: Dhs40,000. 3rd: Dhs20,000.

4th: Dhs10,000. 5th: Dhs6,000. 6th: Dhs4,000.

1998 ch h Kesberoy - Djeiran (Hamdani)
Owner: HH The President
Breeder: Hassan Mousli
Trainer: J Smart. Jockey: J Murtagh.

2. BOPP MOON (GB) 56kg
1997 ch h Dormane - Duma (Naftalin)
Owner: Sheikh Hamdan bin Rashid Al Maktoum
Breeder: Mrs D Camp-Simpson
Trainer: K McLaughlin. Jockey: R Hills.

1994 gr h Djouras Tu - Khaddouj (Haroun)
Owner: Sheikh Ahmed bin Rashid Al Maktoum
Breeder: Ms Nadia Bestaoui Quilichini
Trainer: A Smith. Jockey: G Hind.

Then came (in order): Nez D’Or (FR), Parador (FR), Jiyush (GB), Djelmidor
(FR), Ziva (FR), Dorfa (FR), Sarrab (FR), Djiin (FR). 11 ran. Margins:
1.75len, nk, len. Time: 2:16.34

Race Two: Burj Nahaar (Prestige). 1,600m
Thoroughbreds. NH 4YOs+ & SH 3YOs+.

Prizemoney: Dhs350,000. 1st: Dhs210,000. 2nd: Dhs70,000. 3rd: Dhs35,000.

4th: Dhs17,500. 5th: Dhs10,500. 6th: Dhs7,000
1. IMTIYAZ (USA) 57.5kg
1999 gr/ro c Woodman - Shadayid (Shadeed)
Owner: Sheikh Hamdan bin Rashid Al Maktoum
Breeder: Shadwell Farm Inc
Trainer: S bin Suroor. Jockey: L Dettori.

1998 b h Gone West - Marling (Lomond)
Owner: Sheikh Hamdan bin Rashid Al Maktoum
Breeder: E J Loder
Trainer: J Sadler. Jockey: R Hills.

3. EQUERRY (USA) 58kg
1998 dk b/br h St Jovite - Colour Chart (Mr Prospector)
Owner: Godolphin
Breeder: Darley Stud Management Inc
Trainer: S bin Suroor. Jockey: J Carroll.

Then came (in order): Abreeze (USA), Passport Pride (ARG), Calcutta (GB),
Common World (USA), Peacock Jewel (GB). 8 ran. Margins: 6.5len, .75len,
.5len. Time: 1:37.43 (Last 800m: 48.16).

Race Three: Al Bastikiya (Prestige) 1,800m
Thoroughbreds. Three-Year-Olds
Prizemoney: US$200,000. 1st: US$120,000. 2nd: US$40,000. 3rd: US$20,000.

4th: US$10,000. 5th: US$6,000. 6th: US$4,000.

1. INAMORATO (USA) 54.5kg
2000 dk b/br c Tale Of The Cat - Be My Sweetheart (No Robbery)
Owner: Godolphin
Breeder: Bruce Hundley & Doug Arnold
Trainer: S bin Suroor. Jockey: L Dettori.

1999 b c Al Mufti - Dancing Flower (Dancing Champ)
Owner: Mad Syndicate
Breeder: Litchfield Stud Close Corp
Trainer: M de Kock. Jockey: W Smith.

3. RAHAF (USA) 53kg
2000 b c Theatrical - Gozo Baba (Raja Baba)
Owner: Abdulla Ali Buhaleeba
Breeder: A Breed Apart LLC
Trainer: M Johnston. Jockey: K Darley.

Then came (in order): Dubai Guest (CAN), Anahseed (USA), Tafaseel (USA),
Pacific Paddy (IRE), Impaciente GG (URU), Maroc (BRZ), Old Latin (GB). 10
ran. Margins: 6len, 12len, sht hd. Time: 1:49.71. (Last 800m: 49.32).

Race Four: Dubai City Of Gold (Group III). 2,400m (Turf)
Thoroughbreds. NH & SH 4YOs+
Prizemoney: Dhs350,000. 1st: Dhs210,000. 2nd: Dhs70,000. 3rd: Dhs35,000.

4th: Dhs17,500. 5th: Dhs10,500. 6th: Dhs7,000
1. HIGHEST (IRE) 54.5 carr 55kg
1999 b c Selkirk - Pearl Kite (Silver Hawk)
Owner: Godolphin
Breeder: Saeed Manana
Trainer: S bin Suroor. Jockey: L Dettori.

1998 b h Bamato - Violent Girl (Aristocrat)
Owner: Volkan R Ekinci
Breeder: Y Zingal
Trainer: A de Mieulle. Jockey: H Karatas.

3. NOWRASS (GB) 55kg
1996 ch g Bering - Layaali (Diesis)
Owner: Mulligan Stable
Breeder: Gainsborough Stud Management Ltd
Trainer: K McLaughlin. Jockey: W Supple.

Then came (in order): Narrative (IRE), Fight Your Corner (GB), Perfect
Sunday (USA), Hatha Anna (IRE), Celtic Silence (GB), Crimson Quuest (IRE),
Pushkin (IRE), Beekeeper (GB), Simeon (GB). N/R: American Badger (SAF),
Clodion (IRE), Al Moulatham (GB), Kayseri (IRE). 12 ran. Margins: .75len,
4len, 2len. Time: 2:30.15. (Last 800m: 50.03).

Race Five: Mahab Al Shimaal (Group III) 1,200m.

Thoroughbreds. NH & SH 3YOs+
Prizemoney: Dhs350,000. 1st: Dhs210,000. 2nd: Dhs70,000. 3rd: Dhs35,000.

4th: Dhs17,500. 5th: Dhs10,500. 6th: Dhs7,000
1. CONROY (USA) 57.5kg
1998 ch g Gone West - Crystal Gazing (El Gran Senor)
Owner: Mohammed Al Jamali
Breeder: Darley Stud Management Co Ltd
Trainer: A Selvaratnam. Jockey: K McEvoy.

2. CONFLICT (FR) 57.5kg
1996 b h Warning - La Dame Bonita (El Gran Senor)
Owner: Sheikh Marwan Al Maktoum
Breeder: Stratford Place Stud
Trainer: M Al Kurdi. Jockey: W Smith.

1994 b h Fitzcarraldo - Kalnipe (Kaljerry)
Owner: Sheikh Ahmed bin Rashid Al Maktoum
Breeder: Agrofarm S.A.

Trainer: A Smith. Jockey: G Hind.

Then came (in order): Crystal Castle (USA), Yajree (IRE), State City (USA),
Proud Irishman (USA), Conceal (GB), Polish (USA), Skoozi (NZ), Ball Sider
(ARG0, Mahfooth (USA), Nobel Prize (ARG), Don Mateo (URU). 14 ran. Margins:
Nk, len, len. Time: 1:11.30. (Last 800m: 46.53).

Race Six: Jebel Hatta (Group III). 1,777m (Turf)
Thoroughbreds. NH 4YOs+ & SH 3YOs+
Prizemoney: Dhs350,000. 1st: Dhs210,000. 2nd: Dhs70,000. 3rd: Dhs35,000.

4th: Dhs17,500. 5th: Dhs10,500. 6th: Dhs7,000
1. IPI TOMBE (ZIM) 58kg
1998 b f Manshood - Carnet De Danse (Dance In Time)
Owner: Team Valour, Winstar Farm & Sunmark Partners
Breeder: P J Moore
Trainer: M de Kock. Jockey: K Shea.

1999 ch c Indian Ridge - Summer Trysting (Alleged)
Owner: Godolphin
Breeder: Moyglare Stud Farm Ltd
Trainer: S bin Suroor. Jockey: J Carroll.

1997 b h Sadler’s Wells - Miss Rinjani (Shirley Heights)
Owner: Bouresly Racing Syyndicate
Breeder: J L C Pearce
Trainer: R Alford. Jockey: G Hind.

Then came (in order): Royal Tryst (USA), Trademark (SAF), Highdown (IRE),
Naheef (IRE), Compton Dragon (USA), Clod Ber Junior (BRZ), Aghnoyoh (GER).

10 ran. Margins: 3.75len, .75len, Nk. Time: 1:48.62. (Last 800m: 48.59).

Race Seven: Al Maktoum Challenge Rd III (Group II). 2,000m.

Thoroughbreds. NH 4YOs+ & SH 3YOs+
Prizemoney: Dhs350,000. 1st: Dhs210,000. 2nd: Dhs70,000. 3rd: Dhs35,000.

4th: Dhs17,500. 5th: Dhs10,500. 6th: Dhs7,000
1. GRANDERA (IRE) 58kg
1998 ch c Grand Lodge - Bordighera (Alysheba)
Owner: Godolphin
Breeder: J Stan Cosgrave
Trainer: S bin Suroor. Jockey: L Dettori.

1997 b h Unaccounted For - Melancholy Blues (Cure The Blues)
Owner: HRH Prince Abdullah bin Abdulaziz & Sons
Breeder: D W Frazier
Trainer: K McAuliffe. Jockey: S Madrid.

1998 ch g Inchinor - Beauchamp Image (Midyan)
Owner: Erik Penser
Breeder: E Penser
Trainer: G Butler. Jockey: E Ahern.

Then came (in order): State Shinto (USA), Essence Of Dubai (USA), Go
Underground (USA), Califet (FR). 7 ran. Margins: .5len, 1.5len, 2.75len.

Time: 2:02.83. (Last 800m: 49.76).









TE QUIERO WON AT 16/1 March 8
TOM’S PRIZE WON 5/1 March 1
MONTREAL 5th 7/1 February 22
No selection/column February 15 (weather affected racing programme)
CHIVES 2nd 3/1 February 8
GALLANT BOY WON 7/1 February 1
BE MY MANAGER Unplaced 20/1 January 25
WAGES unplaced 10/1 January 11
HERODOTUS 5th 10/1 January 4






BP= best odds from Ladbrokes, William Hill, Coral and the Tote.

1) (12) 1-44 Eastern Breeze Paul D’Arcy 5-10-00 John Egan
Generally has better form over further (around 10f) but has been running well this winter. Yet to race on this surface but goes well on the Polytrack at Lingfield. Should run his race, but has it all to do with top weight.

BP = 11/1 Tote

2) (10) 1180 Flying Treaty Anne Stokell 6-9-12 Dominic Fox(7)
Won twice at Southwell earlier this year but disappointing on latest two starts and is probably now in the grip of the handicapper. Forget.

BP = 25/1 Ladbrokes, Tote, William Hill

3) (8) 2032 Oscar Pepper David Barron 6-9-12 Jimmy Fortune
Invariably runs well in this sort of race although overall win record is not great. Should be thereabouts again, but is always going to be vulnerable to a less exposed type. No value.

BP = 5/1 Ladbrokes, Tote, William Hill, Coral

4) (2) 0-21 Del Mar Sunset William Haggas 4-9-11 Darryll Holland
One of the least exposed members of the field. Finished last season well and has really come into his own on his two starts this season, defeating Oscar Pepper over the course and distance last time. There could well be more improvement to come but the value is not great.

BP = 5/1 Coral

5) (4) 1514 Lygeton Lad Gay Kelleway 5-9-10t Lee Enstone(3)
Has been running consistently well on the Polytrack at Lingfield over the winter and always runs his race. Has also won on this surface in the past and this genuine horse looks sure to run well again but has a better record at Lingfield.

BP = 14/1 Ladbrokes, William Hill, Coral

6) (7) -034 Invader Clive Brittain 7-9-10 Jimmy Quinn
Something of a law unto himself, but no doubting his ability when he’s in the mood. Won this contest in 2001 and was also second in the Royal Hunt Cup last year. Could go close if in the mood but others appeal more.

BP = 9/1 Ladbrokes, Tote, William Hill

7) (3) 9-34 Diamond Max David Evans 5-9-09v Sean Kelly
Second in this race last year but has generally not been in great form since. However, he has been quite highly tried on occasions and shaped with some promise on his two runs this year but has something to prove.

BP = 11/1 Tote

8) (11) 1-20 Te Quiero Gay Kelleway 5-9-08t Neil Callan
Was in good form last season in low-grade company and looked as if he should handle a step up in class. Finished lame at Lingfield last time, but if back on song he would an interesting proposition and is worth taking a chance with at this price. His second the time before has worked out well.

BP = 14/1 Ladbrokes, Tote

9) (9) 314- Lakota Brave Nick Littmoden 9-9-08 Tom McLaughlin
Getting on in years but still capable on his day. Generally better on the Polytrack at Lingfield, though he has won here, and it is doubtful whether he is up to winning this class of race in any case.

BP = 14/1 Ladbrokes, William Hill, Coral

10) (13)334- Anna Walhaan Mick Channon 4-9-08v Steve Drowne
Had very decent form as a juvenile and was something of a “twilight” horse last year in that he could not win handicaps but was not Listed class either. Has been gelded and looks fairly treated on all-weather debut. Interesting.

BP = 16/1 Ladbrokes, Tote, Coral

11) (1) 5-13 Prince Tulum Nick Littmoden 4-9-07 Richard Hughes
Has a great record over the course and distance, winning three out of his last four runs here. Still young enough to be improving and warrants respect.

BP = 7/1 William Hill, Coral

12) (6) 51-1 Creskeld Bryan Smart 4-9-06 Paul Scallan(3)
Has improved since being switched to the all-weather, winning last two starts at Southwell and here over the course and distance. There could be improvement to come and is one to consider.

BP = 5/1 Ladbrokes, Tote, William Hill, Coral

13) (5) 7076 Air Mail Norma Macauley 6-9-04 George Baker
Decent performer on this surface on his day, but has generally been out of sorts lately and has not won in almost a year.

BP = 50/1 William Hill

It is possible to make a case for a few of these. The value is with Te Quiero who had hopefully a hiccup last time out and is worth another chance each way.


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