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Tuesday, March 20, 2001


Emirates Dubai World Cup 25th March 2001

7/4-Best Of The Bests, 2-Captain Steve, 9/2-Aptitude, 8-Hightori, 12-Ekraar, 20-Broche, 20-Kingsalsa, 20-To The Victory, 25-State Shinto, 33-Our Aristotle, 40-Early Warning, 50-Regular Member, 50-Sei Mi

Each way 1/5 the odds a place 1, 2, 3

Dubai Duty Free 25th March 2001

7/4-Sunline, 4-Jim And Tonic, 5-Fairy King Prawn, 10-Ladies Din, 14-Arkadian Hero, 14-Sumitas, 16-Golden Silca, 16-Rhythm Band, 16-Slickly, 16-Swallow Flight, 25-Happy Diamond, 25-Prolix, 33-Shamrock City, 33-Eagle Café, 40-Crisos Il Monaco

Each way 1/5 odds Places 1,2,3

Dubai Sheema Classic 25th March 2001

2-Fantastic Light, 4-Daliapour, 6-Silvano, 7-Mutafaweq, 12-Caitano, 12-Endless Hall, 14-Give The Slip, 20-Catella, 20-Inchlonaig, 20-Indigenous, 20-Miletrian, 25-Island House, 25-Murghem, 33-Crimson Quest, 33-Kutub, 33-Stay Gold

Each way 1/5 odds Places 1,2,3

Dubai Golden Shaheen 25th March 2001

3-Caller One, 9/2-Nuclear Debate, 5-Men's Exclusive, 8-Serenita, 8-Bertolini, 9-Morluc, 14-Active Bo Bo, 16-Gold World Winner, 16-Istintaj, 16-Three Points, 20-Pipalong, 20-Pitu Da Guanabara, 20-Tayseer, 25-Andreyev,, 25-Bomber Hill, 25-Tedburrow

Each way 1/5 odds Places 1,2,3


randombet.com Lincoln Handicap - Doncaster March 24th 2001

5-Nimello, 7-Kirovski, 10-Lucky Gitano, 12-Mastermind, 12-Vintage Premium, 16-Bomb Alaska, 16-Judicious, 20-Atlantic Rhapsody, 20-Captain Scott, 20-Hail The Chief, 20-Pulau Tioman, 20 (from 25)-Highland Reel, 22-Everest, 25-Calcutta, 25-Desaru, 25 (from 33)-Espada, 25-Roman King, 25-Serra Negra, 25-Swan Knight, 28-Amaranth, 28-Culzean, 28-Greenaway Bay, 28-Pantar, 28-Peartree House, 33-Exeat, 33-King Priam, 33-Kingsdon, 33-Swift Dispersal, 40-Digital, 40-Freddy Flintstone, 40-Gralmano, 40-Iron Mountain, 40-Masterpiece, 40-Prince Babar, 40-Ridgeway, 40-Salty Jack

Each Way 1/4 the odds a place 1, 2, 3, 4

Others on request

Sagitta 2000 Guineas - Newmarket 5th May 2000

7/2-Nayef, 6-Tobougg, 8-Minardi, 12-Tamburlaine, 16-Rumpold, 20-Amiwain, 20-Endless Summer, 20-West Order, 25-Beckett, 25-Carnival Dancer, 25-Celtic Silence, 25-Equerry, 25-Frenchmans Bay, 25-Golan, 25-Mozart, 25-Perigee Moon, 25-Raneem, 25-Tempest, 33-Alunite, 33-Atlantis Prince, 33-Black Minnaloushe,.33-Bonnard, 33-Certaun Justice, 33-Clearing, 33-Demophilos, 33-Dubai Vision, 33-Elnahaar, 33-Ishiguru, 33-King's County, 33-Painted Room, 33-Theatre Script, 33-Waredd

Each way 1/4 odds Places 1, 2, 3

Others on request

Sagitta 1000 Guineas - Newmarket May 6th 2001

5-Regal Rose, 9-Crystal Music, 10-Autumn Rhythm, 10-Karasta, 12-Enthused, 14-Muwakleh, 16-Sequoyah, 20-Amonita, 20-Quick To Please, 25-Ameerat, 25-Ascension, 25-Fallen Star, 25-Flight Of Fancy, 25-Goncharova, 25-Hotelgenie Dot Com, 25-Matanilla, 25-Peaceful Paradise, 25-Sayedah, 25-Stunning, 25-Summer Symphony, 25-Tarfshi, 25-Tempting Fate, 25-Verasina, 33-Alshadiyah, 33-Dora Carrington, 33-Fantasy Royale, 33-Fully Invested, 33-Ghazal, 33-Imagine, 33-Katherine Seymour, 33-La Passine, 33-Mala Mala, 33-Pretty Girl, 33-Silky Dawn, 33-South Of Saturn, 33-Toroca

Each way 1/4 the odds a place 1, 2, 3

Others on Request

Martell Grand National - Aintree April 7th 2001

12-Beau, 14-Earthmover, 14-Mely Moss, 16-Noble Lord, 25-Browjoshy 25-Dark Stranger, 25-Moral Support, 25-Smarty, 25-Take Control, 33-Ackzo 33-Addington Boy, 33-Brave Highlander, 33-Djeddah, 33-Edmond, 33-Florida Pearl, 33-General Wolfe, 33-Inn At The Top, 33-Kingsmark 33-Niki Dee, 33-Paddy's Return, 33-Scotton Green, 33-Streamstown 33-Supreme Charm, 33-The Last Fling

Each way 1/4 the odds a place 1, 2, 3, 4

Others on request

Vodafone Derby - Epsom 9th June 2001

8 (from 10)-Nayef, 12-Galileo, 12-Golan, 16-Dilshaan, 16-Hemingway, 20-Aldwych, 20-Milan, 20-Tobougg, 25-Beckett, 25-Equerry, 25-Mozart, 25-Vacamonte, 25-Wareed, 33-Alunissage, 33-Demophilos, 33-Fair Question, 33-Mediterranean, 33-Musha Merr, 33-Narrative, 33-Theatre Script, 40-Afadan, 40-Alunite, 40-Beekeeper, 40-Bonnard, 40-Caughnawaga, 40-Colorado Falls, 40-Count Dubois, 40-Darwin, 40-Elnahaar, 40-Hill Country, 40-Ice Dancer, 40-King Charlemagne, 40-King's County, 40-Mersey Sound, 40-Mosayter, 40-Nawamees, 40-Perigee Moon, 40-Random Quest

Each way 1/4 odds Places 1,2,3,

Others on request


The three delighted winners of the very successful inaugural Godolphin Seven Stars Competition in 2000 were presented with their wonderful prizes at the Burj Al Arab Hotel, Dubai, on Tuesday, March 20, 2001.

The presentations were made by His Excellency Sheikh Maktoum bin Mohammed Al Maktoum to Carol Smith, from Essex, England, who won the first prize of the white Silver Seraph Rolls Royce, Leighton Hodge, from Tasmania, Australia, who took the second prize of the silver Mercedes S Class 500 and Zalman Ginzburg from Colorado, USA, who captured the solid 150-oz 22-carat gold bar for the third.

As well as these main prizes, they won a luxury seven-day trip to Dubai, with guests, staying at the amazing Burj Al Arab Hotel, and they all arrived on Monday.

Simon Crisford, the Godolphin Racing Manager, welcomed everyone attending the presentation ceremony.

He said: "I would like to welcome you to the Winners' Presentation of the inaugural Godolphin Seven Stars Competition.

"Last year the competition attracted entrants from over 100 countries. Our winners Carol Smith, Leighton Hodge and Zalman Ginzburg in fact come from the three continents of Europe, Australasia and the Americas.

"We are looking forward to some big performances from the home team this Saturday and we wish all the entrants in this year's competition luck in following their Seven Stars in what we hope will be a successful year for Godolphin.

"Congratulations again to our three winners, and we are sure they will have a memorable stay here in Dubai."

Carol Smith said today: "I feel wonderful receiving this terrific prize on the second day of our holiday in Dubai. We are being very well looked after.

"I was lucky with my choices last year and I hope I will be again in this year's Godolphin Seven Stars Competition

"I am definitively defending my crown. It is a free competition and everybody should enter because it is good fun and the prizes are great.

"This year they are going to let you know by e-mail whenever a horse you have selected runs so you can keep involved all the time and the Godolphin website has plenty of information to keep you informed of what is going on with the horses."

The 48-year-old mother of three is the financial director of a small electrical contracting company in Chelmsford, Essex, England.

Carol and her husband Stephen follow horseracing and they now have shares in three horses with trainer Peter Harris. Five-year-old Majestic Bay won three races for them last year, while three-year-old Sky Quest finished second on his debut at Haydock in August last year but then suffered an injury from which he has now recovered. They have just added a two-year-old, Rainbow Spectrum, to their team.

Leighton Hodge, 51, the despatch officer for the biggest grocery wholesaler in Tasmania, commented today: "We have had VIP service from the moment we arrived at the airport. My wife, Judith, and I were met, whisked through everything, brought in a Rolls Royce to the Burj Al Arab and greeted by a welcoming party at the hotel.

"We are having a marvellous time and I am thrilled to have won this great prize in the Godolphin Seven Stars Competition."

Zalman Ginzburg, the 47-year-old Latvian who has lived in the US for 21 years and owns an Italian restaurant in Denver, Colorado, said: "A friend, who is a real horseracing fan, read about the competition in The Blood-Horse magazine.

"I am only a beginner - Selwyn Price helped me to select the horses and has come to Dubai with me. This is the first time in my life that I have won anything and it is fantastic."

The world's best-ever on-line racing competition concluded on Sunday, December 17, 2000, with the Hong Kong International races. Entrants picked seven Godolphin racehorses who were awarded points for finishing first, second or third, with extra points for higher quality races. Entries were made through the Godolphin Internet site, www.godolphin.com, where information about the progress of the competition was to be found throughout the year.

Points were first awarded on March 25, 2000, Dubai World Cup day, the initial leg of the Emirates World Series Racing Championship. The Hong Kong Cup was the 11th and final leg of the Emirates World Series Racing Championship which was won by Godolphin's Fantastic Light.

Carol Smith selected Dubai Millennium (80 points) - the 2000 Dubai World Cup winner - Mutafaweq (104), Best Of The Bests (67), Mahfooth (26), China Visit (10), Noverre (100) and Shan Fara (0) and amassed a total of 387 points, 36 ahead of the 351 achieved by Leighton Hodge, with Zalman Ginzburg a close third on 350 points.

Leighton Hodge's horses were Dubai Millennium, Mutafaweq, Best Of The Bests, Levantine, Morning Pride, Noverre and Laoub while Zalman Ginzburg picked Kayf Tara, Mutafaweq, Bachir, Fath, Teggiano, Noverre and Shan Fara.

The 2001 Godolphin Seven Stars Competition is even better, with prizes extended to the top seven contestants, rather than just the first three, and the main prizes are cash ones.

The 2001 first prize consists of US$150,000 in cash, the magnificent winning trophy worth some US$50,000 and the luxury first class trip for two to Dubai for the 2002 Dubai World Cup.

The second and third, as well as their cash prizes of US$100,000 and US$50,000 respectively, will also receive the tremendous holiday to Dubai, one of the world's most eagerly sought-after holiday destinations.

The prizes for the fourth, fifth, sixth and seventh are US$25,000, US$20,000, US$15,000 and US$10,000.

Another new feature for 2001 is the US$1,000 prizes for the top entrant from each country which does not have a representative in the first seven. These consolation prizes will be awarded as long as at least 250 entries have been made from a particular country.

The only way to enter the Godolphin Seven Stars Competition is through the Godolphin Internet site www.godolphin.com by Friday, March 23, 2001. Therefore, time is running out, with just four days to go.

Each entrant chooses the seven Godolphin horses they think will do best at the races during the rest of the year. It is as simple as that. There is extensive background information about the horses on the Internet site.

Horses are awarded points for finishing first, second or third in races, with extra points for higher quality contests of which the 12 races of the 2001 Emirates World Series Racing Championship are the pinnacle. Information about the progress of the competition can be found on www.godolphin.com

The first day for points being awarded in 2001 is March 24, Dubai World Cup Day, and the final one is Sunday, December 16, 2001, Hong Kong International Day, which respectively see the initial and last legs of this year's Emirates World Series Racing Championship.

Godolphin, the private racing stable of the ruling Maktoum family of Dubai, is the first truly worldwide horseracing entity and is keen to foster international competition. Frankie Dettori is the retained jockey for Godolphin.


Tomorrow's meeting at Huntingdon has been abandoned due to waterlogging.

After an inspection of the track this morning, Clerk of the Course Hugo Bevan reported: "Racing has been abandoned.

"There was no more rain overnight but the water on the course hasn't gone and it is absolutely hopeless - we had to abandon.

"Let's just hope for better luck for our meeting next Monday.


The DBS Breeze-Up Sales on April 2 - 4 will go ahead as planned at Doncaster and Dunstall Park with special precautions in place to deal with Foot and Mouth disease.

Ths Friday sees the first bloodstock sale in the UK since the begining of the current outbreak when Doncaster's Lincoln Handicap Sales takes place.

DBS Managing Director Henry Beeby commented: "Despite the current problems in relation to FMD, we have had enormous interest in our Breeze-Up Sales which, of course, provide so many more two year old winners each year than any of the competition. We have obviously looked very carefully at the issue of holding a Sale but, whilst racing is taking place, there is no reason to delay, and of course, we will ensure that every precaution is taken at our Sales Paddocks. Overseas buyers from our main target countries have intimated their continuing interest in the Sale and we understand that the large number of Irish horses in our catalogues can apply for a permit to export from Ireland as long as they comply with the various regulations laid down by the Irish Department of Agriculture. As Europe's Leading Breeze-Up For Winners, we are hopeful of maximum interest of the British Flat Racing Season especially as we have ensured that trainers interest will not be diverted by either the Lincoln Meeting at Doncaster or the Dubai World Cup which clashed with our old dates."


Tuesday, four days before the Dubai World Cup, the world's richest race meeting, had a quiet beginning on the Nad Al Sheba training tracks with thick fog, rolling in before dawn, dropping visibility to a minimum.

The previous evening though was fine and clear when trainer Bob Baffert sent CAPTAIN STEVE, ruling favourite for the US$6 million Dubai World Cup (Gr. 1, 2000m Dirt), sponsored by Emirates and the first leg of the Emirates World Series for 2001, out to work over 1200 metres with local Alboostan as a galloping companion.

CAPTAIN STEVE, on the outside of his workmate, stopped the clock at 1.10.44 with a final 400 metres of 23.24 seconds, drawing clear in the closing stages.

LADIES DIN, in Dubai to contest the US$2 million Dubai Duty Free (Gr.2, 1777m, Turf), sponsored by Dubai Duty Free, was also out under the lights last night. The Julio Canani-conditioned gelding, a last start nose second to Charged Affaires in the Citation Handicap (Gr.2, 1700m) at Hollywood Park on November 25 was timed to run 800m in 46.7 seconds.

Canani also worked Godolphin Mile (Gr. 3, 1600m, Dirt), sponsored by Jebel Ali Hotel and Golf Resort, candidate REGAL THUNDER to work 800m in 46.9 seconds alongside SULTRY SUBSTITUTE, who is prepared by Nick Canani, Julio's son. SULTRY SUBSTITUTE is also set to run in the Godolphin Mile on Dubai World Cup night.

Saudi Arabian trainer Saud Rezaiq Alshabani was another to utilise last night's s session under lights sending out his Dubai World Cup hopeful EARLY WARNING with stable mate NAA EEM to work over 1000m.

NAE EEM, who will line up in the U.A.E. Derby (Gr.3, 1800m, Dirt) was clocked at 1.02.54 while EARLY WARNING run fractionally slower time of 1.02.64.

Connections of New Zealand's glamour mare SUNLINE not deterred by the morning fog sent the last start winner of the Apollo Stakes (Gr.2, 1400m) in Sydney, Australia, on March 3 out for a serious hit-out on the Nad Al Sheba turf. The lack of visibility made it impossible for clockers to time the work.

PROLIX, the third member of the Alshabani team galloped later in the morning stopping watches at 1.04.91 for 1000 metres. The six-year-old, a winner of each of his three outings in Saudi Arabia this season, runs in the Dubai Duty Free.

COUNT DUBOIS, trained by William Haggas, a last start third to Street Cry in the U.A.E. 2000 Guineas at Nad Al Sheba on March 1 finished his morning's outing with a dash down the straight leaving the final 400 metres behind in 25.86 seconds while the Argentinean trained TAPATIO, also a U.A.E. Derby aspirant, rolled through 1000 metres in the slick time of 59.83 seconds.

TAPATIO, winner of the Argentine Derby in October last raced on December 16 2000 finishing a length-and-a-half second to Guarachero in the Premio Carlos Pellegrini (Gr.1, 2400m).

The Richard Hannon trained, PRIZEMAN, entered for the U.A.E. Derby worked alongside Mick Channon's LADY LAHAR, also a Derby runner and SUGARFOOT from
the stables of Nigel Tinkler with the trio clocked to run 800 metres in 48.4 seconds.

CLIQUOT, on his way to a start in the Godolphin Mile was led off a pony by trainer Bobby Wingfield before being released to dash down the Nad Al Sheba straight. The five-year-old, last seen out at Hollywood Park on Christmas Eve was timed to run 600 metres in 35.19 seconds.

GOLD WORLD WINNER, along with Active Bo Bo, one of Macau's two hopefuls in the US$2 million Dubai Golden Shaheen (Gr.3, 1200m, Dirt), sponsored by Gulf News, also dashed over 600 metres at 35.20 seconds.

In summary

March 19

Ladies Din 4f 46.74
Regal Thunder 4f 46.49
Sultry Substitute 4f 46.49
Crimson Quest 5f 1:01.05
Sei Mi 5f 1:01.09
Early Warning 5f 1:02.64
Na Eem 5f 1:02.54
Captain Steve 6f 1:10.44

March 20

Cliquot 3f 35.19
Gold World Winner 3f 35.20
Endless Hall 4fT 50.34
Lady Lahar 4f 48.43
Prizeman 4f 48.45
Sugarfoot 4f 48.47
Prolix 5fT 1:04.91
Tapatio 5f 59.83

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