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Thursday, December 12, 2002



Martin Pipe has decoded to rely on old hand Cyfor Malta (2-1 from 4-1) to lift yet another big race in the Tripleprint Gold Cup at Cheltenham on Saturday, with ante-post favourite Horus (had been 10-3) running at the Gloucestershire track on Friday. In Hong Kong, it has been Cape Of Good Hope who has attracted the lions share of the money and is now 14-1 (from 20-1) for the HK Sprint.

HONG KONG SPRINT: 5-1 Believe (from 9-2), Falvelon, Shonan Kampf, 6-1 All Thrills Too (from 13-2), 15-2 Malhub (from 7), 9-1 Continent, 10-1 Slap Shot, 12-1 Firebolt, Mistegic, Zipping, 14-1 Cape Of Good Hope (from 20), 16-1 Agnetha, Texas Glitter, 25-1 Anabatik

HONG KONG MILE: 7-2 Electronic Unicorn, 4-1 Admire Cozzene, Tokai Point (from 5), 9-2 Noverre, 7-1 Tillerman, 12-1 Super Molly (from 14), 14-1 Gateman, Super Molly, 16-1 Juene King Prawn, Scenic Peak, 20-1 Dupont, 22-1 Grand Delight, 25-1 Cayoke, Olympic Express,

HONG KONG CUP: 11-10 Grandera, 7-2 Elshin Preston, 9-2 Sarafan, 10-1 Paolini, 14-1 Dr More, Indian Creek, 16-1 Dano-Mast, Housemaster, 25-1 Cellini (from 33), Red Pepper, 40-1 Come See You, Precision (from 33), 66-1 Royal Treasure.

HONG KONG VASE: 9-4 Aquarelliste (from 2), 10-3 Falcon Flight (from 3), 4-1 Ange Gabriel, 5-1 Ekraar, 8-1 Polish Summer, 16-1 Delta Form, Indigenous (from 14), 20-1 Cheers Hong Kong, Guadalupe (from 16), Idol (from 25), 50-1 Luckswell (from 66), 66-1 Greenmore, 100-1 Caracoler,

TRIPLEPRINT GOLD CUP: 2-1 Cyfor Malta (from 4), 11-2 Youlneverwalkalone (from 6), 13-2 Fondmort, 8-1 Thyne Will Tell, 9-1 Foly Pleasant (from 10), Golden Goal, 10-1Fadalko, 12-1 Killultagh Storm, 14-1 Exit Swinger, Seebald, 16-1 Wave Rock, 20-1 Master Tern, Wahiba Sands, 40-1 Saragann

WELSH NATIONAL: 4-1 Gunner Welburn, 8-1 Chives, The Bunny Boiler, 10-1 Bounce Back, 12-1 Harbour Pilot, Supreme Glory, 14-1 Carbury Cross, Gunther McBride, Rith Dubh, 16-1 Frantic Tan, Frosty Canyon, Its Himself, Stormez, Take Control, 20-1 BAR

QUEEN MOTHER CHAMPION CHASE: 7-2 Moscow Flyer, 6-1 Cenkos, 7-1 Flagship Uberalles, 10-1 Edredon Bleu, Native Upmanship, Seebald, 12-1 Tiutchev, 20-1 Armaturk, Dark'n Sharp, Latalomne, 25-1 Faldalko, Fadoudal du Cochet, Knife Edge, Royal Auclair, Truckers Tavern, 33-1 Fondmort, 40-1 Turgeonev (Others Upon Request)

KING GEORGE VI GOLD CUP: 6-4 Best Mate, 9-2 Bacchanal, 5-1 Florida Pearl, 8-1 Native Upmanship, 11-1 Douze Douze, 14-1 Marlborough, 20-1 Commanche Court, Flagship Uberalles, Hussard Collonges, Shooting Light, Valley Henry, 25-1 BAR

CHELTENHAM GOLD CUP: 9-4 Best Mate, 10-1 Commanche Court, 16-1 First Gold, Hussard Collonges, Rince Ri, 20-1 Bacchanal, Florida Pearl, Gingembre, Harbour Pilot, Marlborough, 25-1 Cyfor Malta, Royal Auclair, Valley Henry, 33-1 Ad Hoc, Behrajan, Bounce Back, Foxchapel King, Heros Collonges, Lord Noelie, See More Business, Shooting Light. (Others Upon Request)

GRAND NATIONAL: 14-1 Ad Hoc, 16-1 Cyfor Malta, Gingembre, 20-1 Bindaree, Davids Lad, Gunner Welburn, Kingsmark, More Than a Stroll, 25-1 Bounce Back, Carbury Cross, Grey Abbey, Gunther McBride, Rince Ri, Rith Dubh, Shotgun Willy, Supreme Glory. (Others Upon Request)

CHAMPION HURDLE: 7-1 Rooster Booster, 8-1 Davenport Milenium, Intersky Falcon, 10-1 Hors La Loi III, 12-1 Ned Kelly, Rhinestone Cowboy, 14-1 Like A Butterfly, Puntal, 16-1 Galileo, 20-1 Marble Arch, Scottish Memories, 25-1 In Contrast, 33-1 Adamant Approach, Copeland, Eternal Spring, Holy Orders, Landing Light, Polar Red. (Others Upon Request)

TRIUMPH HURDLE: 12-1 Don Fernando, 20-1 Saintsaire, Tramanto, 25-1 Fast Mix, 33-1 BAR

STAYERS HURDLE: 7-4 Baracouda, 6-1 Bannow Bay, Limestone Lad, 7-1 Galileo, 10-1 Classified, 14-1 Ilnamar, Le Sauvignon, 16-1 Brother Joe, 20-1 Liss A Paoraigh, 25-1 BAR


9am - Seamus Durack

The Disciplinary Committee of the Jockey Club, on 13th December 2002, will consider an appeal lodged by Seamus Durack, the rider of ORANGERIE (IRE), placed fourth in southwell-racecourse.co.uk Novices' Handicap Hurdle Race, against the decision of the Stewards at Southwell to find him guilty of intentionally causing interference, disqualify ORANGERIE (IRE) and to suspend him from riding for seven days, following an enquiry on 6th December 2002.

In Absence - Brian Brendan Wright, Brian Anthony Wright, Paul Shannon, Ian Kiernan and Barrie Wright.

The Disciplinary Committee of the Jockey Club, on Friday 13th December 2002 will hold an enquiry to consider whether or not to exercise its powers under Rule 2 (v) of the Rules of Racing and exclude Brian Brendan Wright, Brian Anthony Wright, Paul Shannon, Ian Kiernan and Barrie Wright from any premises owned, licensed or controlled by the Stewards of the Jockey Club.


Panel: Christopher Hodgson (Chairman), William Bethell and Stephen Webb.

Jamie Osborne - Kenyon Confronts

The Disciplinary Committee of the Jockey Club held an enquiry on 12th December 2002 to consider whether or not, contrary to Rule 220 (iii) of the Rules of Racing, Jamie Osborne, a licensed trainer, had acted in a manner which was prejudicial to the integrity, proper conduct or good reputation of horseracing in Great Britain, in respect of the conversations portrayed in the BBC production 'Kenyon Confronts' between himself and reporters from the programme purporting to be potential owners.

Having considered the evidence, including a statement from Osborne, the Committee accepted an admission from him that he was in breach of Rule 220 (iii) in that he had indicated to the reporters that if they put a horse in training with him he would be prepared not to run the horse on its merits to enable them subsequently to back the horse at favourable odds.

Taking into account that Osborne had admitted a breach of the Rule the Committee imposed a fine of £4,000 upon Osborne in that he had acted in their opinion in a manner which was prejudicial to the good reputation of horseracing in Great Britain.

Jamie Osborne - Lanos (Pol)

The Disciplinary Committee of the Jockey Club held an enquiry on 12th December 2002 to consider whether or not Jamie Osborne, a licensed trainer, had committed a breach of Rule 51 (i) of the Rules of Racing concerning his decision to transport LANOS (POL) from Lambourn to Redcar Racecourse on the afternoon of 21st June 2002, in order to run it the next day, when the gelding had already been examined that morning by a Veterinary Surgeon and declared unfit to run at Goodwood that evening with a "high temperature".

Having considered the evidence, including a statement from Osborne, who was legally represented, Dr Peter Webbon MRCVS, the Jockey Club's Veterinary Director and Mr A C Schreiber MRCVS a partner in the practice used by Osborne, the Committee found Osborne to be in breach of Rule 51 (i) in that by failing to seek veterinary advice before transporting the gelding to Redcar he had not acted with reasonable care and skill concerning LANOS (POL). However it accepted that Osborne had properly monitored the gelding during transportation and after it arrived at Redcar. It imposed a fine of £500 upon Osborne.

Gary Sanderson

The Disciplinary Committee of the Jockey Club held an enquiry on 12th December 2002 to consider whether or not Mr Gary Sanderson, a registered owner, had committed breaches of Rules 220 (vii) (b) & (c) and 220 (viii) of the Rules of Racing in respect of:

(i) his failure to provide full details of the criminal convictions recorded against him (question 20) when completing the section of the Racing Partnership form necessary for him to register as an owner, in his capacity as one of the nominated partners in the White Rose Racing Syndicate;

(ii) the false information given in his Application for a Trainer's Licence 2002/2003, under the heading 'Experience and Qualification', in which he stated to have been "apprentice jockey for Eddie Magner for 5 years" and to have had "over two hundred rides NH/Flat with small success"

Having considered the evidence, including a statement from Mr Sanderson, who was legally represented, the Committee found Mr Sanderson to be in breach of Rules 220 (vii) (b) & (c) and 220 (viii) in respect of counts (i) and (ii) in that the answers provided by Mr Sanderson on both forms were inaccurate, contained omissions and were designed to mislead. The Committee were of the view that having worked in the racing industry for more than 20 years he should have been in a position to provide accurate information.

The Committee imposed a fine of £500 under Rule 220 (vii) and £1200 under Rule 220 (vii) upon Mr Sanderson.

Sir Michael Stoute

The Disciplinary Committee of the Jockey Club held an enquiry on 12th December 2002 into the analysis of the urine ordered to be taken from MUWASSI, trained by Sir Michael Stoute, by the Stewards at Beverley, after the colt had finished first in the Beverley Racecourse Maiden Stakes on 25th June 2002. The Committee also considered whether or not Sir Michael had committed a breach of Rule 221B(i) of the Rules of Racing, in the light of Jockey Club Instruction C8 headed "Records of a Treatment" in that his records of treatment failed to provide any details of the veterinary treatment given to MUWASSI on 12th May, 25th May and 4th June.

The urine of MUWASSI was found to contain triamcinolone acetonide, which is a prohibited substance. After considering the evidence, including a statement from Sir Michael and Ms M Texier his veterinary surgeon, the Committee was satisfied that the source of the substance was an injection given by Ms Texier of triamicinalone in both front shins.

The Committee found Sir Michael to be in breach of Rules 53 but not Rule 221B(i) as it was satisfied that he did in fact have records which contained all the information required by Instruction C8 and imposed a fine of £600. Under Rule 180 (ii), the Committee disqualified MUWASSI from the race placing JAZAN (IRE) first, TUNSTALL (USA) second, CARTWHEEL (IRE) third and INFRA RED fourth.


Trevor Beaumont has tendered his resignation as Racing Director of the British Horseracing Board (BHB). Explaining the reason for his decision to leave BHB after one year in the position, he said: "When I accepted the position of Racing Director of BHB, having been the Managing Director of Coral Eurobet and a Main Board Director of Coral for eight years, I did so in the expectation that the BHB Board restructure would have been complete by mid 2002, reducing sectional interests, adding additional independent directors and, most importantly, elevating a number of executive directors to the Board.

"It is now clear that this much needed restructure will not take place in the foreseeable future, thereby preventing the senior executive from having a direct vote on policy matters. Without executive Board directors, the opportunity for the senior executive team to forge effective and credible working relationships within the industry is greatly reduced.

"Faced with these circumstances, I feel that it is time for me to move on.

"It is an unfortunate commentary on the current state of British racing politics that I have no doubt that certain elements within the industry and media will attempt to use my resignation to further undermine Peter Savill's position as Chairman. I therefore feel it is necessary to state that there are absolutely no issues between myself and Peter, who has worked tirelessly to try to bring about the restructure of the Board and who has consistently argued for a more responsible role for the BHB executive. My decision to resign would have been the same whoever the Chairman."

Greg Nichols, Chief Executive of BHB, said today: "Trevor has been an enormous asset to BHB, with his extensive commercial and bookmaking experience as well as his detailed knowledge of race planning. He will be sorely missed but I fully understand the reason for his decision. I also accept that, pending the outcome of the OFT enquiry and the Racing Review's proposals for the future governance structure for racing, right now would not be the time for the racecourses to ratify the Structure Review."


Cheltenham's 40th Anniversary Meeting tomorrow (Friday) and Saturday, December 13 &14, has no problems despite the cold snap, with Clerk of the Course Simon Claisse very upbeat about prospects.

The two-day meeting celebrates the 40th anniversaries of the Saturday highlights, the £100,000 Tripleprint Gold Cup, over two miles and five furlongs, and the £75,000 Victor Chandler Bula Hurdle, over two miles and one furlong.

Claisse describes the going as being good, good to soft in places, on both the chase and hurdle courses, and good to soft, soft in places, on the cross-country course.

"We'll be racing on the New Course which last saw action over hurdles in April and over fences in May and therefore is in excellent condition - it looks just like a carpet at the moment," commented Claisse.

"We are not due any frost until well into the weekend, with milder weather forecast at night, and no problems are envisaged for Friday and Saturday. We are looking forward to great racing."

An intriguing contestant in the Victor Chandler Bula Hurdle is the American-trained Al Skywalker, who hails from Jennifer Majette's North Carolina yard. The trainer owns a half-share in the nine-year-old with the other half recently having been purchased by owner Michael Watt, who has around 30 horses worldwide including high-class stayer San Sebastian.

Al Skywalker, the runner-up in the Carolina Cup and Royal Hurdle besides being successful in two of his three other starts in the US this year, will be partnered by American-based Irishman Tom Foley, whose 15 victories in 2001 gave him the US conditional jockeys' title.

Foley is looking forward to his first ride at Prestbury Park with his one concern being give in the ground. "What you always want is to run at the top level and we feel Al Skywalker has as good a shot as any - we're just worried a little bit about the difference in the ground, he's never run on this kind of surface as it's normally fast ground back home," said the rider.

Asked how his charge was finding the change between North Carolina and Herefordshire, where the American team has based itself with Peter Scudamore, Foley replied: "Well the temperature is a lot different! He's settled in quite well and the Scudamores have been really great at putting us up so that's a big help. It's out in the country and nice and quiet.

"He had a racecourse work at Cheltenham where we schooled him over hurdles. He's also had a good hard work when he worked well - he was fit coming here and we're happy with him."
Al Skywalker normally front-runs in his homeland. "I don't think there's any other choice - we're going to have to jump on out there," explained Foley. "I'll have to adjust our style a little bit to make sure we get home on the ground though."

So does the American raider hold a realistic chance of success against horses of the calibre of Smurfit Champion Hurdle winner Hors La Loi III and the best hurdler in France, Laveron?

"Sure, if things went our way - we're not here just to hack around you know," the jockey continued. "We can go to plenty of places for a day out - I think we've got a nice horse and we've just got to see how he handles it."

Peter McNeile, the Commercial Manager at Cheltenham, commented: "The 14 races at the 40th Anniversary Meeting have boosted prize money of £469,000, nearly double that offered over the two days in 1999.

"The £100,000 Tripleprint Gold Cup and the £75,000 Victor Chandler Bula Hurdle will feature some of the best chasers, hurdlers and jockeys in the world. With runners from Norway and Ireland joining the French and Americans, the meeting is taking on a real international flavour."


Wincanton Racecourse holds its traditional and popular Boxing Day fixture on Thursday, December 26, with a quality six-race programme and lots of festive cheer.

Taking centre stage at the Somerset course is the 16,000-added MID SEASON CHASE (2.05pm), a conditions event over two miles, five furlongs.

Montifault won 12 months ago for local trainer Paul Nicholls, while previous victors of this quality event include the likes of high-class chaser Ten Plus (1987), the 1990 Cheltenham Gold Cup runner-up Toby Tobias (1989), the 1993 Hennessy Gold Cup winner Cogent (1992) and 1997 Queen Mother Champion Chase hero Martha's Son (1994).

Nicholls, who is seeking a hat-trick after also being successful with Fadalko in 2000, recently nominated Poliantas, victorious in the 30,000 Tote Exacta Levy Board Intermediate Chase at Wincanton on December 5, as a likely runner in the Mid Season Chase.

Complementing the Mid Season Chase is one of Wincanton's most historic races, the 11,000-added LORD STALBRIDGE MEMORIAL GOLD CUP (3.15pm) over three miles and a furlong, which remembers the late Lord Stalbridge - one of the pioneers of racing at Wincanton.

Minehead-based Philip Hobbs' Enrique won this race in 2001 and other recent winners include subsequent Cheltenham Festival winner Flyer's Nap (1994) and Brave Highlander (1997). The latter's trainer Josh Gifford was also successful with Glitter Isle in 1998.

Racing starts at 1pm with the 4,000-added ORCHARD CATERING MARES' ONLY NATIONAL HUNT' NOVICES' HURDLE over two miles and Lambourn trainer Nicky Henderson is after his third successive victory, following on from Bella Macrae (2000) and Native Bid (2001) The second race on the card is the 7,000-added HARRY DUFOSEE HANDICAP CHASE (1.30pm) over two miles, won for the last two years by Dorset trainer Robert Alner's Peccadillo.

The most important race over hurdles during the afternoon is the 13,000-added PERTEMPS HANDICAP HURDLE (SERIES QUALIFIER) (2.40pm). All runners will be eligible to take part in the final of this Pertemps-sponsored series on March 11, 2003, at the Cheltenham Festival.

Champion trainer Martin Pipe, whose yard is on the Somerset/Devon border, sent out Majed to win this qualifier last season while the Nicholashayne handler was also responsible for the 1999 winner Font Romeu, who went on to finish third in the final.

The action comes to a close at 3.45pm with the 4,000-added WISE CATERING NOVICES' HANDICAP HURDLE over two miles and any runner from Kevin Bishop's stable is worth watching, with the Bridgwater-based trainer having sent out the winner in both 1999 (Barren Lands) and 2000 (Compton Amica), plus the fifth last year.

Stephen Higgins, the Manager at Wincanton, commented: "The Boxing Day fixture is one of the highlights of the season at Wincanton. It is also the busiest so I would strongly advise racegoers to arrive in good time.

"Our previous fixture on December 5 was a great success and we were delighted to be able to stage the Tote Exacta Levy Board Intermediate Chase, which provided a thrilling finish with Poliantas getting the better of Golden Goal."


Anyone looking to add a new dimension to their Christmas celebrations should head to Wincanton on Boxing Day for horseracing at the Somerset course.

Wincanton prides itself on the friendly atmosphere at the racecourse and this will again be evident on Boxing Day, with many families choosing to make a day at the races part of their Christmas celebrations.

The gates open at 11 am and early arrival is strongly advised as the fixture is the most popular of the entire season at Wincanton.

To help ease congestion around the racecourse, FREE Park & Ride services will be in operation from the Safeway car park in Southgate Street, Wincanton, together with the Memorial Hall car park and Coopers car park, both of which are situated just off the High Street.

The racing action commences at 1pm with the ORCHARD CATERING MARES' ONLY NATIONAL HUNT' NOVICES' HURDLE and the last race is due off at 3.45pm. The highlight of the afternoon is the 16,000-added MID SEASON CHASE over two miles, five furlongs at 2.05pm.

Admission charges on Boxing Day are Club Enclosure 17 (under 25s 12), Tattersalls Enclosure 12 (under 25s 10), Course Enclosure 6 and cars parked in the Course Enclosure 6. Other parking is FREE. Children aged 16 and under, accompanied by a responsible adult, gain FREE admission to all enclosures. Group discounts for parties of 10 or more are available if booked in advance.

There are lots of facilities at Wincanton to help ensure that the Christmas spirit will be in full flow. Wincanton offers snack bars in every enclosure and a choice of seven public bars, including the recently-opened "See More Business" bar, which also offers seafood, in the Club Enclosure, named after Paul Nicholls' terrific chaser. Additional temporary facilities are also being provided in all three enclosures.

Wincanton holds its initial fixture of 2003 on Thursday, January 9, when the first race is scheduled for 1.30pm.

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