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Wednesday, January 30, 2002


3.00 Towcester - 'Webby Gibson Memorial Chase Showcase Handicap'
9-Step On Eyre, 5-Radiation, 11-Occold, 5-Cedar Green, 7/2-Possible Pardon, 9-In The Rough, 8-Max Pride, 16-Bally Lira, 16-Young Thruster, 9-Tylo Steamer, 12-Leitrim Cottage, 33-Inch Fountain

Irish Independent Arkle Trophy
7/2-Seebald, 5-Barton, 7-Moscow Flyer, 8-Fondmort, 14-Armaturk, 14-Youlneverwalkalone, 16-Assessed, 16-Blue Royal, 16-Il'athou, 16-Royal Auclair, 20-Asador, 20-Batswing, 20-Europa, 20-Grimes, 20-Hit And Run, 20-Mr Cool, 20-St Pirran, 25-Dark'n Sharp, 25-Jimmy Tennis, 25-Mantles Prince, 25-Phariwarmer, 33-Dantes Bank, 33-Kadarann, 33-Reiziger, 33-Truckers Tavern, 40-Be My Royal, 40-Copeland, 40-Imlight, 40-Jarro, 40-Just Our Job, 40-Mont Misere, 40-Poliantas, 40-Regal Venture, 40-Silence Reigns, 50-Another Raleagh, 50-Chicuelo, 50-Demasta, 50-Harvis, 50-Ibis Rochelais, 50-Iznogoud, 50-Jean D'auteuil, 50-Macs Gildoran, 50-Red Guard, 50-Returning, 50-Royal Signature, 50-Sandy Duff, 66-Gigolo Gerry, 66-Gunnerblong, 66-Hot Shots, 66-Janiture, 66-Krabloonik, 66-Royal Jake, 100-Big-And-Bold, 100-Ei Ei, 100-Jardin De Beaulieu

Each way ¼ the odds a place 1,2,3

Tote Cheltenham Gold Cup
5-Looks Like Trouble, 6-Best Mate, 7-Shooting Light, 8-Behrajan, 10-Bacchanal, 10-Florida Pearl, 10-Lord Noelie, 10-Sackville, 12-Rince Ri, 14-Marlborough, 20-Foxchapel King, 25-Alexander Banquet, 25-Cyfor Malta, 25-Shotgun Willy, 25-Whats Up Boys, 33-Ad Hoc, 33-Commanche Court, 33-Go Ballistic, 33-Kingsmark, 33-Legal Right, 33-Red Striker, 33-Sleeping Night, 40-Banker Count, 40-Bobby Grant, 40-Lord Of The River, 40-Moscow Express, 40-Rathbawn Prince, 40-Toto Toscato, 50-Arctic Camper, 50-Ikrenel Royal, 50-Paris Pike, 50-Siberian Gale, 66-Hati Roy, 66-Hindiana, 66-Stormy Fairweather, 66-Take Control, 66-You're A Goodun, 100-Modulor, 100-Tresor De Mai, 300-No Retreat

Each way ¼ odds a place 1,2,3.

Smurfit Champion Hurdle
7/4-Istabraq, 3-Valiramix, 5-Landing Light, 6-Ned Kelly, 16-Bilboa, 16-Marble Arch, 20-Brother Joe, 20-Liss A Paoraigh, 20-Rodock, 25-Ansar, 25-Geos, 25-Grimes, 25-Hors La Loi Iii, 33-Azertyuiop, 33-Westender, 40-Lord Brex, 40-Regal Exit, 50-Milligan, 50-Mr Cool, 66-Bob Justice, 66-Chimes At Midnight, 66-Joe Cullen, 66-Mister Morose, 66-Penny Rich, 66-Rostropovich, 66-Rouble, 66-The French Furze, 100-Fait Le Jojo, 100-San Suru, 100-Sir Talbot, 100-Tikram

Each way ¼ odds a place 1,2,3.

Queen Mother Champion Chase
11/4-Edredon Bleu, 7/2-Flagship Uberalles, 7-Native Upmanship, 8-Fadalko, 8-Knife Edge 14-Tiutchev, 16-Geos, 16-Latalomne, 16-Wahiba Sands, 20-Direct Route, 20-Turgeonev, 25-Exit Swinger, 33-Bellator, 33-Exit To Wave, 33-Ilnamar, 33-Redemption, 40-Eskleybrook, 40-Alcapone, 40-Cenkos, 40-Commanche Court, 40-Nordance Prince, 50-Ballinclay King, 50-Desert Mountain, 50-Killultagh Storm, 50-Rockforce, 66-Red Ark, 66-Tresor De Mai, 100-Ichi Beau, 500-Seek The Faith

Each way ¼ odds a place 1,2,3.

JCB Triumph Hurdle
12-Burning Impulse, 12-Turtleback, 14-Prizeman, 14-Vol Solitaire, 16-Kelami, 16-Quazar 16-Tender Cove, 20-Domirone, 20-Heezapistol, 25-Find The King, 25-Le Roi Miguel, 25-Newhall 25-Scolardy, 25-Tempo D'or, 25-Volano, 33-Bula Rose, 33-Derivative, 33-Greenhope, 33-Hyderabad, 33-Live The Dream, 33-Sud Bleu, 40-Balapour, 40-Hawkes Run, 40-Hernandita, 40-Lord Joshua, 40-Pasteur, 40-Rigmarole, 40-Saddlers Wings, 50-Annie's Luck

Each Way ¼ odds a place 1,2,3,4.

Bonusprint Stayers' Hurdle
4/5-Baracouda, 5-Bannow Bay, 5-Jair Du Cochet, 12-Liss A Paoraigh, 14-Brother Joe, 16-It Takes Time, 16-Telemoss, 20-Deano's Beano, 20-Spendid, 25-Boss Doyle, 25-Catch Ball, 25-Copeland, 25-Havre De Thaix, 25-Montalcino, 25-Rodock, 25-Rostropovich, 33-Bounce Back, 33-Carlovent, 33-Celtic Native, 33-Garruth, 33-Historic, 33-Hors La Loi Iii, 33-Joss Naylor, 33-Mr Cool, 33-Teaatral, 40-Auetaler, 40-Be My Royal, 40-First Ballot, 40-General Cloney, 50-Ballet-K, 50-Effectual, 50-Hill Society, 50-His Song, 50-Indian Scout, 50-Lord Brex, 50-Sheer Genius, 50-Sudden Shock, 50-Upgrade, 66-Male-Ana-Mou, 66-Pelagos 66-Prince Madoc, 66-Run For Paddy, 66-Sir Talbot, 100-Mardani, 200-No Tale To Tell, 500-It's Wallace

Each Way ¼ odds a place 1,2,3

Martell Grand National
14-Supreme Glory, 16-Moor Lane, 16-Papillon, 20-Smarty, 20-Behrajan, 20-Red Striker, 20-Sheltering, 25-Ad Hoc, 25-Alexander Banquet, 25-Beau, 25-Bindaree, 25-Davids Lad, 25-Florida Pearl, 25-Kingsmark, 25-Lyreen Wonder, 25-Paris Pike, 25-Rince Ri, 25-The Last Fling, 25-This Is Serious, 25-What's Up Boys, 25-Wicked Crack, 33-Blowing Wind, 33-Ever Blessed, 33-King On The Run, 33-Lakefield Rambler, 33-Legal Right, 33-Mely Moss, 33-Paddy's Return, 33-Red Marauder, 33-Royal Tommy, 33-Scotton Green, 33-Scrahan Cross, 33-Spot Thedifference, 33-Strong Paladin, 33-The Bunny Boiler, 33-Very Very Noble, 33-Wonder Weasel, 33-You're Agoodun, 40-Ackzo, 40-Amberleigh House, 40-Berlin Blue, 40-Birkdale, 40-Church Place, 40-Dulas Bay, 40-Edmond, 40-Frenchman's Creek, 40-Gower-Slave, 40-Hati Roy, 40-L'epicurien, 40-Logician, 40-Lord Of The River, 40-Manx Magic, 40-Moral Support

Each Way ¼ odds a place 1,2,3,4.

randombet.com Lincoln Handicap
20-My Retreat, 25-Dream Magic, 25-Mutawaqed, 33-Albashoosh, 33-Bold Raider, 33-Bright Spark, 33-Espada, 33-Island Light, 33-Labrett, 33-Time To Remember, 40-Adiemus, 40-Arpeggio, 40-Cork Harbour, 40-First Maite, 40-Gudlage, 40-Invader, 40-Irvington, 40-Lady Bear, 40-Millenium Moonbeam, 40-Nigrasine, 40-Noble Pursuit, 40-Persuade, 40-Pretrail, 40-Yorker, 50-Bond Millennium, 50-Cancun Caribe, 50-Exeat, 50-Free Will, 50-King Priam, 50-Lost At Sea, 50-Slumbering, 50-Trouble Mountain, 50-Uhoomagoo, 66-Annabelle, 66-Bold Ewar, 66-Champagne Rider, 66-Harewood End, 66-Kid'z'play, 66-Kingsdon, 66-Looking For Love, 66-Melodian, 66-Roofer, 66-Swynford Welcome, 66-Sylva Storm, 66-Tactful Remark, 66-Topton, 100-Izzet Muzzy, 100-Mister Rambo, 100-Swynford Pleasure, 100-Ting, 200-Innocent, 250-Eaglet

Each Way ¼ odds a place 1,2,3,4.


The British Horseracing Board today refuted claims made by betting industry representatives that punters would have to face deductions of up to 5% if bookmakers paid BHB's charges for the use of British Racing's pictures and data.

BHB Managing Director (Commercial) Nigel Smith said: "These statements are inaccurate and deliberately misleading. They have no basis in fact.

"The BBOA's recently published report of their own members' experience said that bookmakers' average margins were now 14.2% and that net revenue after tax and levy had increased by 9.6%. Based on these numbers, gross margins would need to rise only to 15% to enable the betting industry to achieve the same net profit after paying BHB for the costs of its product.

"At the BBOA seminar yesterday, John Brown of William Hill said that he expects margins to rise. We have no reason to doubt his judgement. It was always forecast that a key determinant of gross margin in this new era, recycling, would take time to come through. There should therefore be no need to impose deductions.

"Our case has always been that it is for bookmakers to manage their margin. Our product has a cost just like any other. Even if the bookmaker decided to simply pass on this new cost, it would require a deduction of less than 1% against the 5% claimed. 5% would clearly generate massive profits for bookmaking against the interests of punters."


Cheltenham Racecourse has submitted a planning application that aims to transform facilities for racegoers and enable the course to further enhance its position as the home of National Hunt racing.

The building programme centres on a new arena - the Tattersalls Concourse - linked to the grandstands which will provide an indoor venue for racegoers incorporating bars and catering facilities, seating, betting and giant TV screen showing the day's races.

Up to 4,000 people will be able to meet, be entertained and relax between races in the Concourse enabling the Racecourse to increase attendance from its self-imposed limit of 50,000 ticket holders to 54,000 on peak days.

Racegoers in the Courage Enclosure opposite the main stands will have their outlook over the course and finishing straight transformed by a tiered viewing mound complete with new betting and refreshment facilities. Furthermore, improvements to the centre of the Racecourse will enhance the informal viewing area of the cross-country course.

On the track, work will focus on the first phase of a course-widening programme. The width of the track in the finishing straight will be increased by 25%, allowing greater flexibility to provide fresh ground and enhancing the safety for horses and jockeys. A realigned horsewalk from the stables will include a bridge providing increased protection by separating horses and pedestrians.

The application submitted to Cheltenham Borough Council represents the next phase of the 'Master Plan' programme, which started in 1978 to re-develop the grandstands, paddock, stables and entrances.

As well as underlining the position of Cheltenham as the premier home of National Hunt racing and the Racecourse's current contribution to the economy of the town, the development will provide state-of-the-art facilities to host other prestigious sporting, business and cultural events.

The two-tiered auditorium which will be able to seat 2,200 people and host a standing audience of 6,000, is designed to offer a flexible venue for existing events at the course, including the Greenbelt Festival and student balls, as well as conferences, exhibitions, indoor sports and concerts.

"These plans represent a huge commitment to National Hunt racing and demonstrate our confidence in the future of the sport," explains Edward Gillespie, Managing Director of Cheltenham Racecourse.

"With the arrival of new technology, betting through the Internet and the increasing pressure on steeplechasing from the success of synthetic surfaces for winter flat racing, these proposals show how we aim to ensure people of all ages can continue to be thrilled by racing at Cheltenham.

"The plans will help us deliver vastly improved facilities for racegoers in Tattersalls and the least expensive Courage Enclosure. Above all, they enhance our duty of care to the horses before, during and after each race."

Mr Gillespie added: "The new Tattersalls Concourse will create a much-needed venue for top sports, leisure, cultural and business events in the South West making Cheltenham the region's top location for high-profile conferences, exhibitions and concerts."

The application, on behalf of the Steeplechase Company, has been prepared by Barton Willmore Planning Partnership in close liaison with the development's architects Stephen Limbrick Associates of Gloucester, Cheltenham-based landscape architects Illman Young Landscape Design and transport consultants WSP Development.

Accompanying the plans is a detailed Planning and Design Statement that analyses the contribution of Cheltenham Racecourse to the local economy and its high-profile position in the horse racing industry. Included in the Statement is a study demonstrating that there will be no need for additional car parking and traffic flow around the course is not expected to increase from its current levels.

Local residents will be invited to see the first public display of the plans at a two-day exhibition on Friday 15 February and Saturday 16 February 2002.


Jodie Mogford

The Disciplinary Committee of the Jockey Club, on 30th January 2002, held an enquiry to establish whether or not Jodie Mogford, the rider of AMBLESIDE (IRE), had committed a breach of Rule 153(iii) of the Rules of Racing, in light of Instruction H9 headed 'Use of the Whip', concerning his use of the whip when riding in the Tim Forster Cup (Handicap Chase) at Wincanton on 19th January 2002. This matter was referred to the Stewards of the Jockey Club by the Wincanton Stewards following their enquiry of the same day.

The Committee considered evidence from Mogford, who was legally represented. It also viewed video recordings of the race.

The Committee accepted an admission from Mogford that he was guilty of improper riding and in breach of Jockey Club Instruction H9 headed 'Use of the Whip', in that he had used his whip with excessive frequency which resulted in the gelding being injured.

The Committee was of the opinion that the video recording did show Mogford using his whip with a degree of force and in a manner consistent with the injury.

It did not consider that Mogford's explanation that he had used his whip with moderation was borne out by the evidence.

The Committee suspended Mogford for 8 days from Thursday 7th February to Friday 15th February on days on which Jump racing was scheduled to take place.

David Nolan

The Disciplinary Committee of the Jockey Club, on 30th January 2002, held an enquiry to establish whether or not David Nolan, the rider of MALLIA, had committed a breach of Rule 153(iii) of the Rules of Racing, in the light of Jockey Club Instruction H9 headed 'Use of the Whip', concerning his use of the whip when riding in the £5 Minimum Stake On 0800 329393 Selling Stakes (Div I) at Southwell on 22nd January 2002. This matter was referred to the Stewards of the Jockey Club by the Southwell Stewards following their enquiry of the same day, because Nolan had been suspended from riding for 17 days for mis-use of the whip in the previous twelve months.

The Committee considered evidence from Nolan and Declan Carroll, assistant to Les Eyre, Nolan's employer. It also viewed video recording of the race.

The Committee accepted Nolan's admission that he was guilty of improper riding and in breach of Jockey Club Instruction H9 headed 'Use of the Whip', in that he had used his whip with his whip arm above shoulder height.

Taking into account that Nolan had been suspended for 17 days since 23rd April 2001, it suspended him from riding for 16 days, of which three will be deferred until 30th July 2002.

The suspension will commence on Thursday 7th February to Thursday 21st February, on days on which Flat racing is scheduled to take place. The Committee noted that Nolan is scheduled to attend the Apprentice Intermediate Training Course at the British Racing School in March.


Peak Power and Cheers Hong Kong, two horses harbouring hopes of international race glory in the coming months, may pose the greatest threat to last year's Hong Kong Derby hero Industrial Pioneer as he bids for back-to-back triumphs in the Centenary Vase (HKGr.3-2000m) this Saturday, February 2, at Sha Tin.

On the same card, three first stage entries for the Hong Kong Derby 2002 are set to line up for the Aberdeen Handicap: Snowstorm, Lifeline Express, Diamond Moon.

But to the Centenary Vase first, for which a select field of ten runners go to post. Peak Power makes his return to the track after commendable run into seventh place in the Hong Kong Cup (Gr.1-2000m) behind Agnes Digital - a race in which he might have finished closer but for some scrimmaging around the home turn - which earned him rating of 112 in the 2001 International Classifications. Trainer David Hill is aiming his stable star at the Singapore Airlines International Cup (Gr.1-2000m) in May.

Another contender bound for Kranji is Cheers Hong Kong, trained by Ivan Allan, and entered for the Singapore Classic (Gr.3-1800m) on March 1. He won his penultimate start, a very competitive event on International Races Day in December. Last time out he raced deep on the track over 1800m at Happy Valley but still finished off very strongly to finish a close third. He may emerge as a very big danger not just on Saturday, but also in Singapore in a month's time.

Industrial Pioneer, assessed at 112 in the recently published International Classifications, heads the Centenary Vase weights on Saturday. He made only his second appearance this season in the Stewards' Cup (HKGr.1-1600m) recently when he was doing his best work at the finish and he is likely to improve from that outing. Momentum, trained by David Hayes, has finished runners-up six times - including twice this season and to Industrial Pioneer in the Derby - since his last success, while stable companion Helene Vitality's best performances to date in Hong Kong have been over the course and distance he tackles on Saturday.

Idol, rated 110 internationally, the winner of the Hong Kong Gold Cup (HKGr. 1-2000m), and Rainbow And Gold, who landed the Queen Mother's Cup (HKGr.2-2400m) last year, need to improve on form shown so far this season if they are to be competitive here. ”K2/ -2- Magic Hands, Super Goal Striker and Natural Winner also line up. The pick of that trio is probably Super Goal Striker, who defeated Cheers Hong Kong at Happy Valley last time. Trained by Tony Cruz, a man in irrepressible form, Super Goal Striker is 4lbs worse off for a margin of three-quarters of a length with Cheers Hong Kong for that run.

Finally, the three Derby entrants seeking to enhance their Blue Riband claims in the Aberdeen Handicap, for horses with a Hong Kong rating 115-85 over 1600 metres, will do very well if they are to emulate the impression made by Aucash last Saturday. Blessed with both pace and stamina, Aucash, though technically still not yet part of the Derby picture, blitzed a quality field over 1200 metres last Saturday and would have to be considered an early favourite for the race should he come in at the second entry stage early in March. Brian Kan's Snowstorm raced for the first time in Hong Kong in that same race as Aucash and needed the run. A close second in the Group 2 King Edward VII Stakes (Gr.2-2400m) at Royal Ascot last June, he will relish the step-up in trip to 1600m here and a better showing is expected. Lifeline Express, Hong Kong's champion griffin last season, couldn't have struck a stronger field on his last start over two months ago in Electronic Unicorn's Chevalier Cup (Premier -1600m). This was his first attempt over a mile and Saturday's race is a less severe test of his ability. Meanwhile, Diamond Moon, whose best run whilst trained in Germany was a fast-finishing fourth home in that country's 2000 Guineas (Gr.2-1600m), is out to secure a first placed run on his fourth run in his new home.


The Hong Kong Jockey Club has adopted over recent years a policy of issuing comprehensive details of action taken by Racing Stewards. This has included providing the particulars of charges which have been levelled against licensed persons. Usually Racing Stewards deal with breaches of rules which have occurred arising out of the running of a race. It is therefore reasonable and fair to all concerned that the full particulars be provided, not only to the licensed person involved but to followers of the sport in this region.

The particulars provided can be looked at and analysed by anyone who might choose to do so, because films of races are readily available and there is something tangible to check the particulars against. In a conduct matter, this is not the situation and it is clearly not the case in relation to the matter involving Jockey J Egan who was suspended last Monday for providing the Stewards with misleading evidence. The particulars were not set out in the report which was issued subsequent to that inquiry simply because the Stewards felt that to do so might prejudice a fair hearing should J Egan choose to exercise his rights of appeal under the rules. The time for Jockey J Egan to exercise those rights has now expired. The Stewards at the conclusion of this report will publicly state the 11 particulars which were provided to J Egan when he was charged and upon which the Stewards relied when finding him guilty.

All followers of the sport and members of the media must not expect Racing Stewards to take the next step and that is to publish reasons for arriving at any decision. As mentioned earlier in this release, therefore, as far as race track incidents are concerned, reasons can be readily determined by anybody who can read and understand race films. In this case it is very different and whilst particulars are now being released, reasons for arriving at a guilty finding are not going to be given and will not be given. When J Egan was charged with a breach of Rule 151(7), he pleaded not guilty and mounted a strong defence in support of this plea. What must be noted in this rule is the disjunctive "or". In fact the rule creates two separate offences and Jockey Egan was found guilty of providing "misleading evidence". The particulars provided to J Egan were as under. 1. Q. First of all, do you know a chap called Godwin Chow? A. Who? Q. Godwin Chow? A. No. Q. Youngish guy? A. I don't know him. 2. Q. You don't know him? A. No idea. 3. Q. Do you know anybody that might work for the Jockey Club by that name? A. No. 4. Q. Do you know anybody of a name similar to that? A. I don't know anybody called Godwin Chow. 5. Q. You were shown a photograph which was marked as Exhibit B. A. Yes, just like the guy who works upstairs. Q. Yes. And you don't know his name? A. I don't know his name at all. 6. Q. And you don't know this chap's name? A. I don't know his name. 7. Q. Would you then have ever had phone conversations with him? A. No, sir. 8. Q. So before JADE RUYI's run on Wednesday night, did you have any conversations with Godwin Chow? A. No, sir. 9. Q. Do you know by any chance where the photograph marked as Exhibit B could have been taken? A. There are some trees, I don't know, maybe somewhere where I met him. Q. Somewhere where you met him by arrangement or accidentally? A. It's like actually where I bumped into him and I was looking at the cars when I was at Happy Valley. When you see the person you now know to be Mr Chow, when you arrive at the races - A. I never knew his name as Mr Chow. 11. Q. How do you address him when you arrive at the races and speak with him? A. I never call him a name. I just say, "How are you doing? Hello!" I don't know his name.

The Racing Stewards of the Hong Kong Jockey Club view the giving of misleading evidence in an inquiry as a serious breach of the rules. The whole thrust of the organisation of the sport necessarily requires that the Racing Stewards be able to pursue their obligations adequately and not to have their efforts to do so hampered or frustrated by persons such as they allege Jockey J Egan did during the course of this inquiry.

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